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Angular 2 Cookbook Sented by Carlos

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Angular 2 Cookbook

About This Book From the author of the bestselling AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook, Angular 2 Cookbook is the newest edition of Packt's Angular cookbook series.

About This Book

From the author of the bestselling AngularJS Web Application Development CookbookAngular 2 Cookbook is the newest edition of Packt's Angular cookbook series.

Book Features

  • 70+ extensive examples: Each recipe provides you with strategies to face every challenge in Angular 2 head on
  • All code from the latest version: Covers no legacy material from the outdated Angular release candidates; all code up-to-date with the latest release of Angular 4.0
  • Webpack application organization: Includes instructions on how to build applications with Webpack, SystemJS, and Angular CLI
  • Companion website links: Each recipe provides a unique URL on the book's companion website; the page includes links to a working example on Plunker, the recipe's source code on GitHub, and various related resources. The companion website has no login, and is free to use.
  • Immediately experiment with working code: Almost every recipe in the book has a link on the companion site to a working Plunker. Visit the link and start experimenting with Angular 2 right away - no setup or installation required.
  • Step-by-step examples: All the code in the book is explicitly written out, and every piece of code shown is a step towards building a simple working example. Syntax, design decisions, and refactoring are all fully explained in each recipe.

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Book pages: 681

ISBN: 9781785881923

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Published: 01 December 2019 - 14:00