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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor Sented by Shon

Download Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor free book as pdf format

Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

Build real-time apps at lightning speed using the most powerful full-stack JavaScript framework

Meteor is the best JavaScript platform on the Web that allows you to build real-time web applications quickly and easily and in pure JavaScript. It comes with a full build process that takes care of everything, from development to production, with no need for configuration. This book takes you from the installation of Meteor to building a fully working web blog (including backend) to create and edit posts.

You will start with the basic concepts and folder structure of a Meteor project, learning how Meteor templates work. Learn how to retrieve and send data to the server and manipulate the database content. Routing will later make your example app look and behave like a real website. Next, you’ll get to grips with Meteor’s reactivity concept that can rerun functions when data changes while you’re building your own reactive object, and package it later for drop-in use. After your app is ready, the book continues with ways of deploying your app on different types of servers. Finally, we will take a look at testing packages and the application itself.

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Book pages: 198

ISBN: 978-1-78398-812-9, 1

Book language: en

File size: 17.61 MB

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Published: 11 February 2019 - 15:16