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Databases: A Beginner’s Guide Sented by Shon

Download Databases: A Beginner’s Guide free book as pdf format

Databases: A Beginner’s Guide

Databases: A Beginner’s Guide

With a focus on proper database design, Databases: A Beginner’s Guide provides an introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) and Microsoft Access. The book covers key topics such as security, data warehouse and data mart design techniques, storing complex data such as XML documents, and connecting databases to applications. Written by a database technology instructor and bestselling author, this book offers a proven, self-paced technique for learning how to design, implement, maintain, and use databases. You can follow clear examples and step-by-step instructions that cover the fundamental concepts and demonstrate how to effectively apply them.

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Book pages: 408

ISBN: 978-0-07160-847-3

Book language: en

File size: 8.84 MB

File type: pdf

Published: 04 February 2019 - 14:44