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Download Descartes and Husserl: The Philosophical Project of Radical Beginnings free book as pdf format

Descartes and Husserl: The Philosophical Project of Radical Beginnings

Presents the first book-length study of the profound influence of Descartes' philosophy on Husserl's project for phenomenology. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

This book explores the profound influence of Descartes’ philosophy on Husserl’s project for phenomenology. Husserl often cited Descartes as his “spiritual mentor” and the systematic doubt of the Meditations became one of the principal points of departure for beginning phenomenological investigations. However, there is an over-arching parallel between their respective philosophical enterprises which only an intimate and informed knowledge of both Descartes’ and Husserl’s texts can demonstrate. This convergence in their vision of a radically new beginning for philosophy often comes to the surface in unexpected places, where Husserl creatively mistakes Descartes’ discoveries. Husserl remarked that Descartes had remained too true to the original skeptical impetus and not radical enough in his overthrow of that position. The author’s research shows that Husserl remained far truer to Cartesianism, precisely in those places where the influence is deeply buried, and less radical than a faithful reading of Descartes’ project according to the order of reasons would reveal. Since Husserl’s influence on twentieth-century continental philosophers has been so well remarked, this work uncovers the legitimacy of their assessment of his Cartesian point of departure.

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Published: 09 June 2019 - 13:00