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Distributed and Sequential Algorithms for Bioinformatics Sented by Shon

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Distributed and Sequential Algorithms for Bioinformatics

Computational Biology

This unique textbook/reference presents unified coverage of bioinformatics topics relating to both biological sequences and biological networks, providing an in-depth analysis of cutting-edge distributed algorithms, as well as of relevant sequential algorithms. In addition to introducing the latest algorithms in this area, more than fifteen new distributed algorithms are also proposed. Topics and features: reviews a range of open challenges in biological sequences and networks; describes in detail both sequential and parallel/distributed algorithms for each problem; suggests approaches for distributed algorithms as possible extensions to sequential algorithms, when the distributed algorithms for the topic are scarce; proposes a number of new distributed algorithms in each chapter, to serve as potential starting points for further research; concludes each chapter with self-test exercises, a summary of the key points, a comparison of the algorithms described, and a literature review.

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Book pages: 388

ISBN: 3319249649

Book language: en

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Published: 05 May 2019 - 22:06