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IPv6 Address Planning

Designing an Address Plan for the Future This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

If you’re ready to join the move to IPv6, this comprehensive guide gets you started by showing you how to create an effective IPv6 address plan. In three example-driven sections—preparation, design, and maintenance—you’ll learn principles and best practices for designing, deploying, and maintaining an address plan far beyond what’s possible with IPv4 networks.

During the course of the book, you’ll walk through the process of building a sample address plan for a fictional company. Enterprise IT network architects, engineers, and administrators will see firsthand how IPv6 provides opportunities for creating an operationally efficient plan that’s scalable, flexible, extensible, manageable, and durable.

Explore IPv6 addressing basics, including representation, structure, and types
Manage risks and costs by using a three-phase approach for deploying IPv6
Dig into IPv6 subnetting methods and learn how they differ from IPv4
Determine the appropriate size and type of the IPv6 allocation you require
Apply current network management tools to IPv6
Use IPv6 renumbering methods that enable greater network scale and easier integration
Implement policies and practices to keep IPv6 addresses reachable

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