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IPv6 Deployment and Management Sented by Shon

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IPv6 Deployment and Management

IPv6 Deployment and Management

A guide for understanding, deploying, and managing Internet Protocol version 6

The growth of the Internet has created a need for more addresses than are available with Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4)—the protocol currently used to direct almost all Internet traffic. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)—the new IP version intended to ultimately succeed IPv4—will expand the addressing capacity of the Internet to support the explosive growth of users and devices on the Internet as well as add flexibility to allocating addresses and efficiency for routing traffic.

IPv6 Deployment and Management describes the IPv6 protocol in detail, as well as technologies for interworking IPv4 and IPv6. It discusses why organizations—even those with adequate IPv4 space—should consider IPv6 deployment from a business perspective. In addition, it details strategies and techniques for assessing the impact of deploying IPv6 on a network, discovering current IP assets, assessing IPv6 readiness, creating a plan to deploy IPv6 while considering addressing security and network management impacts, and managing a dual protocol IPv4-IPv6 network.

Featured chapters in the book are:

IPv6 Deployment Drivers
IPv4-IPv6 Co-Existence Technologies
IPv6 Readiness Assessment
IPv6 Address Planning
IPv6 Security Planning
Managing the Deployment
IPv6 Network Management Planning
Managing the IPv4/IPv6 Netowork
IPv6 and the Future Internet
IPv6 Deployment and Management is a must-read for IP network engineers, managers, and those who work in Information Technology.

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Published: 08 March 2019 - 20:58