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Maintainable JavaScript Sented by Shon

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Maintainable JavaScript

Writing Readable Code

You may have definite ideas about writing code when working alone, but team development requires that everyone use the same approach. With the JavaScript practices in this book – including code style, programming tips, and automation – you’ll learn how to write maintainable code that other team members can easily understand, adapt, and extend.

Author Nicholas Zakas assembled this collection of best practices as a front-end tech leader at Yahoo!, after completing his own journey from solo hacker to team player. He also includes rules recommended by other industry authorities. Use these tips and techniques to help your team set aside individual preferences and function at a higher level.

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Book pages: 242

ISBN: 978-1-4493-2768-2

Book language: en

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File type: pdf

Published: 03 February 2019 - 14:00