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Mastering KnockoutJS Sented by Shon

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Mastering KnockoutJS

Use and extend Knockout to deliver feature-rich, modern web applications

Knockout is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern with templates.

Mastering KnockoutJS will guide you through web application development with the Knockout library. Starting with covering the basics of KnockoutJS, you will learn how to add new behaviors with custom bindings and preprocessors. Then you will get to see how to make reusable components and organize modules in larger web applications.

This book will teach you how to use a declarative syntax for creating user interfaces that automatically sync with the changing data. You will also learn to organize applications with the MVVM pattern, which helps you stay organized and simplifies the process of continued product growth.

Finally, you will cover popular open source plugins such as Knockout punches and Durandal to see what is possible with Knockout’s extensible API.

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Book pages: 270

ISBN: 1783981008

Book language: en

File size: 12.84 MB

File type: pdf

Published: 04 April 2019 - 20:55