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Network Security Assessment, 3rd edition Sented by Shon

Download Network Security Assessment, 3rd edition free book as pdf format

Network Security Assessment, 3rd edition

Know Your Network

How secure is your network? The best way to find out is to attack it. Network Security Assessment provides you with the tools and techniques that professional security analysts use to identify and assess risks in government, military, and commercial networks. Armed with this book, you can work to create environments that are hardened and immune from unauthorized use and attack.

Author Chris McNab demonstrates how determined adversaries map attack surface and exploit security weaknesses at both the network and application level. The third edition is a complete overhaul—grouping and detailing the latest hacking techniques used to attack enterprise networks. By categorizing individual threats, you will be able to adopt defensive strategies against entire attack classes, providing protection now and into the future.

The testing approaches within the book are written in-line with internationally recognized standards, including NIST SP 800-115, NSA IAM, CESG CHECK, and PCI DSS.

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Book pages: 456

ISBN: 149191095X

Book language: en

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Published: 05 February 2019 - 01:52