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Download Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition free book as pdf format

Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition

Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition provides basic, practical knowledge on getting started in amateur robotics. There is a mix of content: from serious reference tables and descriptions to personal stories and humorous bits.

The robot described and built in this book is battery powered and about the size of a lunch box. It is autonomous; that is, it isn’t remote controlled.

The book is broken up into small chapters, suitable for bedtime (or bathroom) reading.

The characteristics and purposes of each major component (resistor, transistor, wire, and motor) are described, followed by a hands-on experiment to demonstrate. Not only does this help the reader to understand a particular piece, but it also prepares them with processes to learn new parts on their own. An appendix offers an introduction to 3D printing and parts of the robot can, as an alternative, be “printed” using a 3D printer.

The master project of the book is a simple, entertaining, line-following robot.

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