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ZeroMQ Sented by Shon

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Use ZeroMQ and learn how to apply different message patterns

ØMQ (also spelled ZeroMQ, 0MQ, or ZMQ) is a high-performance asynchronous messaging library aimed at use in scalable distributed or concurrent applications. It provides a message queue, but unlike message-oriented middleware, a ØMQ system can run without a dedicated message broker. The library is designed to have a familiar socket-style API.

ZeroMQ teaches you to use ZeroMQ through examples in C programming language. You will learn how to use fundamental patterns of message / queuing with a step-by-step tutorial approach and how to apply them. Then, you’ll learn how to use high level APIs and to work with multiple sockets and multithreaded programs through many examples.

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Book pages: 108

ISBN: 978-1-78216-104-2

Book language: en

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Published: 11 April 2019 - 13:57