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Introduction to Numerical Methods and Matlab Programming for Engineers

These notes were developed by the first author in the process of teaching a course on applied numerical methods for Civil Engineering majors during 2002-2004 and was modified to include Mechanical Engineering in 2005. The materials have been periodically updated since then and underwent a major revision by the second author in 2006-2007.

Variant Analyses: Interrogations of New Media Art and Culture

This collection of essays on technology, art and culture is part of my archive of nearly two decades of writing about what would become New Media society. If you’re not familiar with my participation in communities like Nettime, Thingist, Rhizome and Netbehaviour, as well as groups like Haymarket RIOT, Second Front, TMark, The Yes Men and others, I’ll tell you about why my interests could be seen as broad, but are squarely focused on the intersection of culture (including art), society, technology and politics.

The inner life of video spheres. Theory for the YouTube Generation

I am wearing video. Even the fibers of my t-shirt are video, shiny and gloomy. The shirt functions as my mood sensor, my changing look. I am astonished by its adaptability, its immersiveness, the speed and warmth of its lights and colors. My shirt is a wearable movie – I am its star! Now it becomes my skin, then my face, faithfully projecting my heart and mind. And when we are together, it is us.

The Glitch Moment(um)
The Glitch Moment(um) Sented by Steve Bark

In this book, Rosa Menkman brings in early information theorists not usually encountered in glitch’s theoretical foundations to refine a signal and informational vocabulary appropriate to glitch’s technological moment(um) and orientations. The book makes sense of recent glitch art and culture: technically, culturally, critically, aesthetically and finally as a genre.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

There are an infnite number of ways to know a collection and no one person can ever exhaust all of the possibilities. The frst aim of this book is, therefore, to bring together only a very small series of vantage points chosen by several individuals in order to introduce the range and scope of University College London’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.

Drawing Futures
Drawing Futures Sented by Daniel

Drawing Futures brings together international designers and artists for speculations in contemporary drawing for art and architecture.

Imagining the Future City: London 2062

London is one of the world’s leading cities. It is home to an extraordinary concentration and diversity of people, industries, politics, religions and ideas, and plays an important role in our highly globalised and tightly networked modern world.What does the future hold for London?

Toward a Ludic Architecture
Toward a Ludic Architecture Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Whether we think of a board game, an athletic competition in a stadium, a videogame, playful social networking on the World Wide Web, an Alternate Reality Game, a location-based mobile game, or any combination thereof: Ludic activities are, have, and take place in or at, spaces.

Architecture in the Anthropocene

While the Anthropocene thesis has recently received significant attention in both the news media and academic scholarship—certainly drifting well beyond its original loci of consideration within the meetings of the International Commission on Stratigraphy and the International Union of Geological Sciences—there remains a fundamental ambivalence about the value of the concept from the point of view of both cultural theory and design practice.

Top 100 Images from SEO
Top 100 Images from SEO Sented by Jacob

Feel the Universe at your fingertips and access a universe of knowledge with the ESO Top 100 Images, which brings users a selection of the best astronomy images taken by a suite of the world’s most advanced ground-based telescopes from the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter
Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Download Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter By Wikibooks PDF book free online – From This book provides in-depth analysis and specific detailing of all things in the Harry Potter series.

Amotekun: a Play
Amotekun: a Play Sented by Jacob

Download Amotekun: a Play By Ode Clement Igoni PDF book free online – From Amotekun: a Play By Ode Clement Igoni PDF:

Creative Commons: A User Guide
Creative Commons: A User Guide Sented by Rebecca

Download Creative Commons: A User Guide By Simone Aliprandi PDF book free online – From Creative Commons: A User Guide By Simone Aliprandi PDF: A complete manual with a theoretical introduction and practical suggestions.

Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage plays

Download Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage plays By BS Murthy PDF book free online – From Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage plays By BS Murthy PDF: In this collection of stage/radio plays, ‘Slighted Souls’ scripts the life of the downtrodden of Rampur nearly a decade after the famous but failed peasant struggle of Telangana.

Student: Dazed and Confused
Student: Dazed and Confused Sented by Rebecca

I’m not going to lie – enough people are doing that to you already. My student days weren’t the best days of my life but you just might be a student one day. As out of your depth as I was.

Book of new Poetry Forms
Book of new Poetry Forms Sented by Daniel

Download Book of new Poetry Forms By Wendy Webb PDF book free online – From Book of new Poetry Forms By Wendy Webb PDF: This is the definitive collection of all the newly-devised poetry forms by Wendy Webb, Norfolk Poet.

Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia

Download Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia By Rich Cochrane PDF book free online – From Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia By Rich Cochrane PDF: This is the most complete book of guitar scales and arpeggios ever written.

Abracadabra! Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A detailed look at how the Beatles went about creating their 1966 masterpiece, Revolver, including chapters on the influence of LSD, Indian music and the London art scene, and a blow-by-blow, track-by-track account of the production of the record.

20 Tips to Keep Editors Happy Revisited

If you are serious about writing, then this collection of 20 top tips will give your submissions a fighting chance on the busy editor's desk.Whether you are submitting work to a parish magazine, a glossy national, or a competition entry, here is where you start and learn tips from experienced writers.

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