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A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship

Despite the economic and political importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship and the extensive attention paid to automotive trade, few American scholars or policy makers are familiar with the history of Japanese government-business relations, either generally or for specific industries such as passenger cars.

A History of Education for the Many

Many examines the development of the education system from a global and internationalist perspective. Challenging the dominant narratives that such development is the product of either a flourishing democracy or a ruling-class project to reproduce structural inequalities, this book demonstrates the link between education and the struggles of working-class and oppressed peoples inside and outside the US.

A History of Anthropology
A History of Anthropology Sented by Steve Bark

This is a thoroughly updated and revised edition of a popular classic of modern anthropology. Avoiding geographical bias, the authors provide summaries of ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Romantic’ and ‘Victorian’ anthropology, from the cultural theories of Morgan and Taylor to the often neglected contributions of German scholars.

A global history of early modern violence

By expanding the geographical scope of the history of violence and war, this volume challenges both Western and state-centric narratives of the decline of violence and its relationship to modernity. It highlights instead similarities across early modernity in terms of representations, legitimations, applications of, and motivations for violence.

A dictionary and grammatical outline of Chakali

This book is the first comprehensive monograph dedicated to Chakali, a Southwestern Grusi language spoken by less than 3500 people in northwest Ghana. The dictionary offers a consistent description of word meaning and provides the basis for future research in the linguistic area.

5 European & African Conference on Wind Engineering

The 5th European-African Conference of Wind Engineering is hosted in Florence, Tuscany, the city and the region where, in the early 15th century, pioneers moved the first steps, laying down the foundation stones of Mechanics and Applied Sciences (including fluid mechanics).

How Modern Science Came Into The World

Once upon a time ‘the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century’ was an innovative and inspiring concept. It yielded what is still the master narrative of the rise of modern science.

U.S. History Sourcebook Basic
U.S. History Sourcebook Basic Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This book provides high school U.S. History teachers and students with sets of primary and secondary sources about important topics. Some teachers will use it as a supplement to a traditional textbook. For those looking to leave the textbook behind entirely, it will provide a course with basic structure and continuity, and will reduce the burden of finding new primary sources for each class meeting. However, it is not yet comprehensive enough to meet the coverage requirements of, for example, an Advanced Placement test.

Strange Science: Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age

In this volume, Strange Science, the editors Lara Karpenko and Shalyn Claggett emphasize the borders of investigation in their subtitle, Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age. “Limits” here are subjects for fresh investigation rather than clamping containers. Beyond the current limits are thriving new territories, or delusive dream countries. This powerful collection gathers examples of both. But a number of the essays also make it clear that even work that fails or where the procedures are chaotic and the assumptions doubtful may eventually find some presence in later discoveries. Work that challenges dominant assumptions may provoke different kinds of insight from more orthodox workers over time.

Introduction to Numerical Methods and Matlab Programming for Engineers

These notes were developed by the first author in the process of teaching a course on applied numerical methods for Civil Engineering majors during 2002-2004 and was modified to include Mechanical Engineering in 2005. The materials have been periodically updated since then and underwent a major revision by the second author in 2006-2007.

Variant Analyses: Interrogations of New Media Art and Culture

This collection of essays on technology, art and culture is part of my archive of nearly two decades of writing about what would become New Media society. If you’re not familiar with my participation in communities like Nettime, Thingist, Rhizome and Netbehaviour, as well as groups like Haymarket RIOT, Second Front, TMark, The Yes Men and others, I’ll tell you about why my interests could be seen as broad, but are squarely focused on the intersection of culture (including art), society, technology and politics.

The inner life of video spheres. Theory for the YouTube Generation

I am wearing video. Even the fibers of my t-shirt are video, shiny and gloomy. The shirt functions as my mood sensor, my changing look. I am astonished by its adaptability, its immersiveness, the speed and warmth of its lights and colors. My shirt is a wearable movie – I am its star! Now it becomes my skin, then my face, faithfully projecting my heart and mind. And when we are together, it is us.

The Glitch Moment(um)
The Glitch Moment(um) Sented by Steve Bark

In this book, Rosa Menkman brings in early information theorists not usually encountered in glitch’s theoretical foundations to refine a signal and informational vocabulary appropriate to glitch’s technological moment(um) and orientations. The book makes sense of recent glitch art and culture: technically, culturally, critically, aesthetically and finally as a genre.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

There are an infnite number of ways to know a collection and no one person can ever exhaust all of the possibilities. The frst aim of this book is, therefore, to bring together only a very small series of vantage points chosen by several individuals in order to introduce the range and scope of University College London’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.

Drawing Futures
Drawing Futures Sented by Daniel

Drawing Futures brings together international designers and artists for speculations in contemporary drawing for art and architecture.

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