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Customs and Culture of Vietnam

A concise, information-packed background of the history and culture of Vietnam, including the country's relations with the United States.

Spinsters Reloaded: Single Older Women in American Popular Culture

This study entails a qualitative cultural film analysis of single women characters in six contemporary US-American movies released between 1999 and 2008. On the one hand, the focal point is the assessment of character portrayals and their embedding into their everyday lives. On the other, it focuses on the correlation between age, gender, and marital status. Results show that an acknowledgement of different kinds of single older women seems prevalent, yet also reveal a dominance of hetero-normativity. It is concluded that Hollywood offers a so called counter world of single women and aging, particularly with regard to socio-economic strains, health, and an active aging process where one can look 'younger'.

Privatization and the Education of Marginalized Children

Privatization and the Education of Marginalized Children examines the issue of markets in education as they shape educational opportunities for disadvantaged children-for better or worse-in countries around the globe. With chapters written by leading scholars in the field of international education, this book analyzes the important questions of equity and markets, privatization and opportunity, and policies' objectives and outcomes, and it explores the potential, promises, and empirical evidence on the role of market mechanisms. Offering insights from theoretical as well as international-comparative perspectives, this volume will appeal to researchers and students of education-focused public policy, sociology, and international economics. A timely contribution to the field, Privatization and the Education of Marginalized Children aims to engage in public/private debate by addressing the larger societal exclusions and segregation of communities in which these schools exist.

In the Peanut Gallery with 'Mystery Science Theater 3000': Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology and the Culture of Riffing

This is a collection of essays by a variety of authors who all share an obvious love and serious obsession with Mystery Science Theater 3000. These essays delve into some expected subjects like the culture of riffing and bad movies, but also include an extensive analysis of Gypsy and gender roles, as well as an examination of Cambots impact on the show. In all, there are twenty five different essays included in this collection, each by a different author.

Language and Schizophrenia: Perspectives from Psychology and Philosophy

Language and Schizophrenia investigates specific features of schizophrenic language using cognitive psychology alongside the opposing field of phenomenological psychiatry, concluding that neither of these approaches fully succeeds in explaining the linguistic features unique to Schizophrenia. Cardella's innovative approach of combining psychological perspectives with philosophy offers a direct alternative to traditional cognitive perspectives, emphasising the fundamental role that language plays in the disorder.

Was This in the Plan?
Was This in the Plan? Sented by Michael

Far from being a misery memoir, Was this in the Plan? Is a frank, open and no-holds-barred account of how a family was determined not just to survive but to thrive when the odds were against them. It will make you question your own attitude to life and how you choose to respond when unexpected events throw you off course.

Finding Earth, Finding Soul: The Invisible Path to Authentic Leadership

Finding Earth, Finding Soul is the story of one man's search for meaning and purpose in a society that is captivated by values and beliefs that are assaulting the Earth's lifesystems and collapsing society in upon itself. Tim Macartney intertwines several themes in the quest for meaning and purpose, organisation leadership, nature, conformity, and the role of ordinary women and men in seeking and securing a future that will serve our children well.

No Return Ticket -- Leg One: Outward Bound - California to Australia

Captain Skip Rowland shares his gripping true story of the theft and subsequent torching of his beloved sailboat on a desolate Mexican shore. After personally catching the thieves he later escapes the captivating allure of California's glitzy lifestyle to sail his new 43 foot Endymion through the jaw dropping beauty of the South Pacific to Australia.

Invincible Warrior: A Pictorial Biography of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido

Invincible Warrior tells the fascinating story of the life of Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), whose quest for the true meaning of warriorship lead to the creation of the martial art called Aikido, "The Art of Peace." Ueshiba-whose name means "abundant peace"-is considered by many to be one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived. His documented ability to disarm any attacker, throw a dozen men simultaneously, and down and pin opponents without touching them has accorded his life legendary status.

Shock to Shanti
Shock to Shanti Sented by Shon

Shock to Shanti is an examination of what Archana Singh is committed to - her family, her work and her hobbies - vis-a-vis what she can handle, all influenced by her upbringing as a first-generation American. Divided into four sections, the fifteen essays here encompass a transient stretch known as Archana's mid-life transition.

Around the World with a King

Around the World with a King, is an eyewitness account of Hawaiian King Kalakaua's journey around the world in 1881.

The Guru's Gift: A Kundalini Awakening

When a dramatic Kundalini awakening occurred in 1979 from the influence and guidance of a great guru, this Yuppie housewife's life was thrown into a whirling spiral of mysticism and magic. Using the guru's mantra and practices, Ruth, entered a world of wonder and bliss. Spinning off the ground, reading others' thoughts, reading languages never learned, and dancing ecstatically were daily delights that eventually devolved into a heroes' journey of cleansing the subconscious of its hidden dragons. As the cleansing process scoured her psyche, nights without sleep, days spent in a living dream, and great winds of depression brought out revengeful ghosts, sucking all the life from the soul. She was on the classical hero's journey towards self-realization, described by Joseph Campbell in "The Hero with a Thousand Faces." It had begun in bliss and then became a living nightmare.

A Clear Case of Genius: Room 40's Code-breaking Pioneer

IN 1933 the Admiralty banned 'Blinker' Hall from publishing his autobiography, but here, for the first time, those chapters that survived are presented in full. See what the renowned spymaster had to say about the British Naval Intelligence - the pinnacle of the world's secret intelligence services.

Conversations with McCartney

The intimate portrayal of one of the most famous men in music, more than half of which is in McCartney's own words

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