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The Only Life I Could Save: A Memoir

Katherine Ketcham devoted four decades to researching and writing about addiction-but none of that prepared her for what she would face in her relationship with her own son. The Only Life I Could Save is a raw and moving memoir of heartbreak, healing, and profound transformation.

Ocean Devil The life and legend of George Hogg

The dramatic true-life story of George Hogg, a young Oxford graduate who is caught up in the Japanese invasion of China in 1937 and the Chinese Civil war, and who leads a group of Chinese children hundreds of miles across 15,000-foot mountains to safety - only to die tragically in early 1945.

Find Another Place
Find Another Place Sented by Michael

"'Families are their stories,' said my grandfather Martin that late autumn day in 2001, as he placed a clear plastic folder containing his journal into my hands."

Down and Out in Paris and London

The kitchen grew dirtier and the rats bolder, though we trapped a few of them. Looking round that filthy room, with raw meat lying among refuse on the floor, and cold, clotted saucepans sprawling everywhere, and the sink blocked and coated with grease, I used to wonder whether there could be a restaurant in the world as bad as ours.

Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball

Connie Mack (1862-1956) was the Grand Old Man of baseball and one of the game's first true celebrities. This book, spanning the first fifty-two years of Mack's life, through 1914, covers his experiences as player, manager, and club owner and will stand as the definitive biography of baseball's most legendary and beloved figure.? ?Norman L. Macht chronicles Mack's little-known beginnings. He tells how Mack, a school dropout at fourteen, created strategies for winning baseball and principles for managing men long before there were notions of defining such subjects. And he details how Mack, a key figure in the launching of the American League in 1901, won six of the league's first fourteen pennants while serving as manager, treasurer, general manager, traveling secretary, and public relations and scouting director (all at the same time) for the Philadelphia Athletics.?This book brings to life the unruly origins of baseball as a sport and a business. It also provides the first complete and accurate picture of a character who was larger than life and yet little known: the tricky, rule-bending catcher; the peppery field leader and fan favorite; the hot-tempered young manager. Illustrated with family photographs never before published, it affords unique insight into a colorful personality who helped shape baseball as we know it today.

The Cambridge Companion to Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg - composer, theorist, teacher, painter, and one of the most important and controversial figures in twentieth-century music. This Companion presents engaging essays by leading scholars on Schoenberg's central works, writings, and ideas over his long life in Vienna, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Challenging monolithic views of the composer as an isolated elitist, the volume demonstrates that what has kept Schoenberg and his music interesting and provocative was his profound engagement with the musical traditions he inherited and transformed, with the broad range of musical and artistic developments during his lifetime he critiqued and incorporated, and with the fundamental cultural, social, and political disruptions through which he lived. The book provides introductions to Schoenberg's most important works, and to his groundbreaking innovations including his twelve-tone compositions. Chapters also examine Schoenberg's lasting influence on other composers and writers over the last century.

M.E. Resulzade
M.E. Resulzade Sented by Musa

книге рассказывается об одной из ярчайших фигур политиче- ской истории Азербайджана ХХ столетия – Мамеде Эмине Расулзаде. Он был основателем идеологии азербайджанизма, послужившей теоре- тической основой для создания современной азербайджанской государ- ственности в мае 1918 года. Книга охватывает различные этапы жизни и деятельности М.Э. Расулзаде – от первых его шагов на политической арене до периода эмиграции, когда он в тяжелейших условиях чужбины продолжал свою бескомпромиссную борьбу за азербайджанский идеал.

Milli_birlik Sented by Luis

Sənin öhdəndə böyük bir vəzifə var. Səndən əwəlki nəsil yoxdan bir bayraq, müqəddəs bir ideal rəmzi yaratdı, onu min müşkülatla ucaldaraq dedi ki: - Bir kərə yüksələn bayraq bir daha enməz!

Mammed Amin Rasulzade
Mammed Amin Rasulzade Sented by Paul

Müsəlman demokratik "Müsavat" cəmiyyəti" adı ilə gizli fəaliyyət göstərən təşkilatın bir qolu da az sonra İranda qurulmuş və burada başlamış məşrutə inqilabına istiqamət verici rəhbər qüvvəyə çevrilmişdir. 1904-cü ilin axırlarında "Müsəlman demokratik "Müsavat" cəmiyyəti"nin əsasında RSDFP-nin Bakı komitəsinin nəzdində "Müsəlman sosial-demokrat "Hümmət" təşkilatı" yaradılmışdır. Bu təşkilatın baniləri Mir Həsən Mövsümov, Məmməd Həsən Hacınski və Məhəmməd Əmin Rəsulzadə olmuşlar.[6] Məşədi Əzizbəyov, Nəriman Nərimanov, S.M.Əfəndiyev və başqa inqilabçılar da 1905-ci ildən bu təşkilatın üzvü idilər. Təşkilatın "Hümmət" adlı qəzeti də nəşr edilmiş, 1904-1905-ci illər arası cəmi 6 nömrə buraxmış qəzetin əsas naşirlərindən biri də M.Ə.Rəsulzadə olmuşdur.

Adi Aylin
Adi Aylin Sented by Musa

Bu kitap, kökleri Giritli Deli Mustafa Naili Paşaya kadar uzanan bir ailenin kızı olan Aylin DEVRİMEL ‘in fırtınalı yaşamının öyküsüdür.

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