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A Cultural History of Chemistry in Antiquity

This open access bookA Cultural History of Chemistry in Antiquity covers the period from 3000 BCE to 600 CE, ranging across the civilizations of the Mediterranean and Near East. Over this long period, chemical artisans, recipes, and ideas were exchanged between Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium.

A Citizen of Yiddishland
A Citizen of Yiddishland Sented by Emma

This pioneering study shows what brought Yiddish-speaking Jewish intelligentsia to the Communist movement in the interwar years.

A Christian Education in the Virtues
A Christian Education in the Virtues Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A Christian Education in the Virtues examines the connection between human nature and human flourishing. It draws on ancient and medieval sources to explore the formation of the person based on a Christian anthropology, emphasising the communal nature of the virtuous life and provides a richer approach to the question of contemporary character education.

A chain of kings
A chain of kings Sented by Jacob

The chronicles of Gowa and Talloq are the most important historical sources for the study of pre-colonial Makassar. They have provided the basic framework and much of the information that we possess about the origins, growth, and expansion of Gowa during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

A Boy Asleep under the Sun: Versions of Sandro Penna

Peter Valente’s first encounter with Sandro Penna’s poetry was while translating Pier Paolo Pasolini. At the time, Valente was reading a biography on Pasolini and learned of his close friendship with Penna. Pasolini insisted that among serious readers of poetry, Penna could not be ignored.

A Bowl for a Coin
A Bowl for a Coin Sented by Jacob

A Bowl for a Coin is the first book in any language to describe and analyze the history of all Japanese teas. To understand the triumph of the tea plant in Japan, Wayne Farris begins with its cultivation and goes on to describe the myriad ways in which the herb was processed into a palatable beverage.

A Bird that flies with two wings
A Bird that flies with two wings Sented by Steve Bark

This book investigates the problems and possibilities of plural legal orders through an in-depth study of the relationship between the state and customary justice systems in Vanuatu.

A Bibliography of South African Languages, 2008-2017

This concise bibliography on South-African Languages and Linguistics was compiled on the occasion of the 20th International Congress of Linguists in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2018.

A Bibliography of Sign Languages, 2008-2017

This concise bibliography on Sign Languages was compiled on the occasion of the 20th international Congress of Linguists in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2018.

A Bibliography for After Jews and Arabs

"Ammiel Alcalay’s groundbreaking work, After Jews and Arabs, published in 1993, redrew the geographic, political, cultural, and emotional map of relations between Jews and Arabs in the Levantine/Mediterranean world over a thousand-year period.

320 rue St Jacques
320 rue St Jacques Sented by Rebecca

"Madeleine’s diary is unique as she wrote it to record as much as she could about everyday life, people and events so she could use these written traces to rekindle memories later for the family from whom she had been parted.

Social Science and Policy Challenges
Social Science and Policy Challenges Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The social sciences are a vital part of modern societies. They play a significant role in national higher education curricula, absorb a fair part of national and international research funding and investment, provide career opportunities for highly qualified individuals, inform and influence public debate, and help shape the direction of policy in various fields. Indeed, if one adopts a diachronic perspective the social sciences have been, for some time now, in the ascendance.

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom Sented by Emma

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers often receive from their supervisors words of wisdom that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Good advice at the right time can make a huge difference, especially in the early stages of a career. Unfortunately, not everyone who seeks advice has access to it. Although there is plenty of guidance on the mechanics of writing a thesis or a grant proposal, there is much less on maintaining morale, overcoming obstacles, and keeping things in perspective. This book fills that gap, bringing together outstanding examples of supervisors’ words of wisdom, and making them available to early-career researchers around the world.

Communication Theory
Communication Theory Sented by Daniel

Communicationis deeply rooted in human behaviors and societies. It is difficult to think of social or behavioral events from which communication is absent. Indeed, communication applies to shared behaviors and properties of any collection of things, whether they are human or not.

Communications in Computer and Information Science

The CCIS series is devoted to the publication of proceedings of computer science conferences. Its aim is to efficiently disseminate original research results in informatics in printed and electronic form.

Mobile Research Methods
Mobile Research Methods Sented by Rebecca

Daily activity sees data constantly flowing through cameras, the internet, satellites, radio frequencies, sensors, private appliances, cars, smartphones, tablets and the like. Among all the tools currently used, mobile devices, especially mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, are the most widespread, with their use becoming prevalent in everyday life within both developed and developing countries. Shopping, reading newspapers, participating in forums, projecting and completing surveys, communicating with friends and making new ones, filing tax returns and getting involved in politics are all examples of how ingrained mobile technology is to modern lifestyle.

Doing the right thing: A value based economy

Publishing Addiction Science is a comprehensive guide for addiction scientists facing the complex process of contributing to scholarly journals. Written by an international group of addiction journal editors and their colleagues, it discusses how to write research articles and systematic reviews, choose a journal, respond to reviewers’ reports, become a reviewer, and resolve the often difficult authorship, ethical and citation issues that arise in addiction science publishing.

The Piracy Crusade
The Piracy Crusade Sented by Rebecca

In the decade and a half since Napster first emerged, forever changing the face of digital culture, the claim that “internet pirates killed the music industry” has become so ubiquitous that it is treated as common knowledge. Piracy is a scourge on legitimate businesses and hard-working artists, we are told, a “cybercrime” similar to identity fraud or even terrorism.

Atlas of the World’s Languages Danger

UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger is intended to raise awareness about language endangerment and the need to safeguard the world’s linguistic diversity among policy-makers, speaker communities and the general public, and to be a tool to monitor the status of endangered languages and the trends in linguistic diversity at the global level.

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