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Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America

Just as Steve Coll told the story of globalization through ExxonMobil and Andrew Ross Sorkin told the story of Wall Street excess through Too Big to Fail, Christopher Leonard’s Kochland uses the extraordinary account of how one of the biggest private companies in the world grew to be that big to tell the story of modern corporate America.

Children of Hope : The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves From Ethiopia to South Africa

In Children of Hope, Sandra Rowoldt Shell traces the lives of sixty-four Oromo children who were enslaved in Ethiopia in the late nineteenth century, liberated by the British navy and ultimately sent to Lovedale Institution, a Free Church of Scotland mission in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, for their safety. Because Scottish missionaries in Yemen interviewed each of the Oromo children shortly after their liberation, we have sixty-four, structured life histories told by the children themselves.

Джейкоб Генри Шифф. Гений финансового мира и главный спонсор русских революций

Джейкоб Генри Шифф (1847–1920) – знаменитый американский банкир, филантроп и общественный деятель. С 1885 г. управлял банкирским домом «Кун, Лёб и К?» – одним из самых успешных в США, который участвовал в финансировании многих крупных проектов, в том числе сети железных дорог. Шифф проявил себя и как политический деятель. Это касается, в частности, самодержавной России, в отношении которой он вел непримиримую борьбу, активно противодействуя получению ею займов от США. Он бурно приветствовал Временное правительство и готов был вести переговоры о предоставлении ему финансовой помощи. То же касалось и Японии, которую Шифф всячески поддерживал во время Русско-японской войны. В книге приводятся интересные факты биографии Шиффа и письма, которые свидетельствуют о его разносторонних интересах и деятельности. В нашей библиотеке вы можете бесплатно почитать книгу « Джейкоб Генри Шифф. Гений финансового мира и главный спонсор русских революций ». Чтобы читать онлайн книгу « Джейкоб Генри Шифф. Гений финансового мира и главный спонсор русских революций » перейдите по указанной ссылке. Приятного Вам чтения.

The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer

At just five years old, Maureen Hancock discovered her ability to communicate with the dead. Descended from a long line of legendary Irish mystics, she was no stranger to the spiritual realm, but for fear of being misunderstood by her friends and family she kept the otherworldly messages to herself, eventually suppressing them completely. Maureen wouldn't hear the spirits again until she was in a near-fatal car crash. Soon after, she had hundreds of voices in her head, many of which helped her crack cases and expose fraud in her role as a litigation paralegal at a large Boston law firm. Then, when tragedy struck on 9/11, Maureen was bombarded with messages from the spirit world. As each one made contact with her, she finally came to terms with her calling: to communicate with the deceased, assist the dying, search for missing children, and teach the living about life after death, all the while raising her children in her suburban home. Maureen Hancock is literally is the Medium Next Door, and in this book and through her stories of her encounters with the otherworld as well as guided exercises at the conclusion of each chapter, she offers the same comfort and wisdom she shares in her healing encounters and lectures about what is out there waiting for all who are open to its mysteries. . . .

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