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Busy As F*ck
Busy As F*ck Sented by Emma

When did busy become a badge of honour?

Green IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Applications (Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 171)

This book describes the implementation of green IT in various human and industrial domains. Consisting of four sections: “Development and Optimization of Green IT”, “Modelling and Experiments with Green IT Systems”, “Industry and Transport Green IT Systems”, “Social, Educational and Business Aspects of Green IT”, it presents results in two areas – the green components, networks, cloud and IoT systems and infrastructures; and the industry, business, social and education domains.

How to Write Effective Business English: Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication

Do you need a confidence boost in your workplace communication? Whether you speak English as an additional language, or you're a native speaker looking to take your writing to the next level, How to Write Effective Business English provides easy to apply guidance on how to express yourself in writing clearly, concisely, and confidently. With case studies from companies such as Innocent and Virgin which demonstrate how English is used internationally in business, and ideas to help you get your communications right first time, this book is ideal for multinational companies where communication is a priority. For native English speakers, it may mean un-learning things you were taught at school and learning how to save time by getting to the point more quickly in emails; for intermediate English speakers, it focuses on the areas that are easy to get wrong.

This Is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me about Faith, Love, Hair, and Business

Chris-Tia Donaldson knows what it means to beat the odds. Going from the inner city of Detroit to the Ivy League to founding a successful hair care company and facing brutal trials like breast cancer along the way, she embodies the strength so many women in America aspire to have—and knows how the challenges women face can create remarkable perspective, calm, and understanding.

Business Governance and Society: Analyzing Shifts, Conflicts, and Challenges

This volume critically analyzes the convergence of technology, business practices, public policies, political ideologies, and societal values for improving business performance at the global-local paradigm. It also enriches knowledge on contemporary business strategies against conventional wisdom of managing companies today.

The Routledge Course in Business Chinese

The Routledge Course in Business Chinese has been specifically designed for students in the fourth year of language learning or above who wish to progress their language training and prepare to tackle real-life business situations confidently and effectively.

Critical Perspectives on Leadership: The Language of Corporate Power (Routledge Studies in Leadership Research)

Within contemporary culture, ‘leadership’ is seen in ways that appeal to celebrated societal values and norms. As a result, it is becoming difficult to use the language of leadership without at the same time assuming its essentially positive, intrinsically affirmative nature. Within organizations, routinely referring to bosses as ‘leaders’ has, therefore, become both a symptom and a cause of a deep, largely unexamined new conceptual architecture. This architecture underpins how we think about authority and power at work. Capitalism, and its turbo-charged offspring neo-liberalism, have effectively captured ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ to serve their own purposes. In other words, organizational leadership today is so often a particular kind of insidious conservativism dressed up in radical adjectives.

Business Law I Essentials by OpenStax (paperback version, B&W)

ABOUT THIS BOOK: This is the most affordable printed OpenStax book available. The textbook content is exactly the same as the OpenStax digital version (ISBN-13: 978-1-94717-278-4). This textbook is available for free download at the OpenStax website, but as many students prefer to supplement the digital version with the convenience of a printed book, we offer this book for sale as a printed option for college students.

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