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Down and Out in Paris and London

There were eccentric characters in the hotel. The Paris slums are a gathering-place for eccentric people—people who have fallen into solitary, half-mad grooves of life and given up trying to be normal or decent. Poverty frees them from ordinary standards of behaviour, just as money frees people from work. Some of the lodgers in our hotel lived lives that were curious beyond words.

Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness Sented by Luis

‘I flew around like mad to get ready, and before forty-eight hours I was crossing the Channel to show myself to my employers, and sign the contract. In a very few hours I arrived in a city that always makes me think of a whited sepulchre. Prejudice no doubt. I had no difficulty in finding the Company’s offices. It was the biggest thing in the town, and everybody I met was full of it. They were going to run an over-sea empire, and make no end of coin by trade.

Grimm's Fairy Tales
Grimm's Fairy Tales Sented by Paul

A shepherd had a faithful dog, called Sultan, who was grown very old, and had lost all his teeth. And one day when the shepherd and his wife were standing together before the house the shepherd said, ‘I will shoot old Sultan tomorrow morning, for he is of no use now.’ But his wife said, ‘Pray let the poor faithful creature live; he has served us well a great many years, and we ought to give him a livelihood for the rest of his days.’ ‘But what can we do with him?’ said the shepherd, ‘he has not a tooth in his head, and the thieves don’t care for him at all; to be sure he has served us, but then he did it to earn his livelihood; tomorrow shall be his last day, depend upon it.’

Gulliver's Travels
Gulliver's Travels Sented by Paul

My father had a small estate in Nottinghamshire: I was the third of five sons. He sent me to Emanuel College in Cambridge at fourteen years old, where I resided three years, and applied myself close to my studies; but the charge of maintaining me, although I had a very scanty allowance, being too great for a narrow fortune, I was bound apprentice to Mr. James Bates, an eminent surgeon in London, with whom I continued four years. My father now and then sending me small sums of money, I laid them out in learning navigation, and other parts of the mathematics, useful to those who intend to travel, as I always believed it would be, some time or other, my fortune to do. When I left Mr. Bates, I went down to my father: where, by the assistance of him and my uncle John, and some other relations, I got forty pounds, and a promise of thirty pounds a year to maintain me at Leyden: there I studied physic two years and seven months, knowing it would be useful in long voyages.

Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment Sented by Shon

Raskolnikov was not used to crowds, and, as we said before, he avoided society of every sort, more especially of late. But now all at once he felt a desire to be with other people. Something new seemed to be taking place within him, and with it he felt a sort of thirst for company. He was so weary after a whole month of concentrated wretchedness and gloomy excitement that he longed to rest, if only for a moment, in some other world, whatever it might be; and, in spite of the filthiness of the surroundings, he was glad now to stay in the tavern.

Andersen's Fairy Tales
Andersen's Fairy Tales Sented by Michael

There was once a poor Prince, who had a kingdom. His kingdom was very small, but still quite large enough to marry upon; and he wished to marry.

The Adventures of Huckleberry

Mark Twain’s brilliant 19th-century novel has long been recognized as one of the finest examples of American literature.

Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina Sented by Shon

Leo Tolstoy’s classic story of doomed love is one of the most admired novels in world literature. Generations of readers have been enthralled by his magnificent heroine, the unhappily married Anna Karenina, and her tragic affair with dashing Count Vronsky.

The Odyssey
The Odyssey Sented by Michael

Literature's grandest evocation of life's journey, at once an ageless human story and an individual test of moral endurance, Homer's ancient Greek epic The Odyssey is translated by Robert Fagles with an introduction and notes by Bernard Knox in Penguin Classics.

War and Peace
War and Peace Sented by Musa

Tolstoy's epic masterpiece intertwines the lives of private and public individuals during the time of the Napoleonic wars and the French invasion of Russia. The fortunes of the Rostovs and the Bolkonskys, of Pierre, Natasha, and Andrei, are intimately connected with the national history that is played out in parallel with their lives. Balls and soirees alternate with councils of war and the machinations of statesmen and generals, scenes of violent battles with everyday human passions in a work whose extraordinary imaginative power has never been surpassed.

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers Sented by Musa

One of the most celebrated and popular historical romances ever written. The Three Musketeers tell the story of the early adventures of the young Gascon gentleman d'Artagnan and his three friends from the regiment of the King's Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

Boris Godunov
Boris Godunov Sented by Musa

20 февраля 1598 г. Уже месяц, как Борис Годунов затворился вместе со своей сестрой в монастыре, покинув «все мирское» и отказываясь принять московский престол. Народ объясняет отказ Годунова венчаться на царство в нужном для Бориса духе: «Его страшит сияние престола».

More Tales from Shakespeare

Although we know little for certain about the life of William Shakespeare (1564–1616), modern scholarship enables us to reconstruct his career with some accuracy. Born in Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire, he was educated at the local grammar school. At 18, he married Anne Hathaway, eight years older than himself, and they had three children.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the first of Mark Twain's novels to feature one of the best-loved characters in American fiction, with a critical introduction by John Seelye in Penguin Classics.

Three Great Playes of Shakespeare

Three of Shakespeare's great tragedies are contained in this volume. Romeo and Juliet are in love, but their families are enemies. In desperation, they marry in secret but tragedy unfolds... Macbeth is told that he will be King of Scotland - the prophecy comes true but with what consequences? Humiliation and grief bring King Lear to the edge of madness after he decides to divide his Kingdom between his two eldest daughters.

Hamlet Sented by Shon

Although Shakespeare is one of the world’s greatest writers, surprisingly little is known about his life, especially his early years in Stratford. However, we do know that: a) he was born on 23 April 1564 and died on his 52nd birthday, in 1616; b) his mother, Mary Arden, came from a higher social background than his father, who was a civil servant; c) he went to a good school but did not attend university; d) in 1582 he married Anne Hathaway and they had three children; e) wrote 37 plays, sometimes writing three plays a year! He also wrote poetry, including a number of beautiful sonnets.

Hamlet Sented by Luis

Hümanizma ruhunun ilk anlayış ve duyuş merhalesi, insan varlığının en müşahhas şekilde ifadesi olan sanat eserlerinin benimsenmesiyle başlar. Sanat şubeleri içinde edebiyat, bu ifadenin zihin unsurları en zengin olanıdır. Bunun içindir ki bir milletin, diğer milletler edebiyatını kendi dilinde, daha doğrusu kendi idrakinde tekrar etmesi; zekâ ve anlama kudretini o eserler nispetinde artırması, canlandırması ve yeniden yaratmasıdır. İşte tercüme faaliyetini, biz, bu bakımdan ehemmiyetli ve medeniyet dâvamız için müessir bellemekteyiz. Zekâsının her cephesini bu türlü eserlerin her türlüsüne tevcih edebilmiş milletlerde düşüncenin en silinmez vasıtası olan yazı ve onun mimarisi demek olan edebiyat, bütün kütlenin ruhuna kadar işliyen ve sinen bir tesire sahiptir. Bu tesirdeki fert ve cemiyet ittisali, zamanda ve mekânda bütün hudutları delip aşacak bir sağlamlık ve yaygınlığı gösterir. Hangi milletin kütüpanesi bu yönden zenginse o millet, medeniyet âleminde daha yüksek bir idrak seviyesinde demektir. Bu itibarla tercüme hareketini sistemli ve dikkatli bir surette idare etmek, Türk irfanının en önemli bir cephesini kuvvetlendirmek, onun genişlemesine, ilerlemesine hizmet etmektir. Bu yolda bilgi ve emeklerini esirgemiyen Türk münevverlerine şükranla duyguluyum. Onların himmetleri ile beş sene içinde, hiç değilse, devlet eli ile yüz ciltlik, hususi teşebbüslerin gayreti ve gene devletin yardımı ile, onun dört beş misli fazla olmak üzere zengin bir tercüme kütüpanemiz olacaktır. Bilhassa Türk dilinin, bu emeklerden elde edeceği büyük faydayı düşünüp de şimdiden tercüme faaliyetine yakın ilgi ve sevgi duymamak, hiçbir Türk okuru için mümkün olamıyacaktır.

Masallar. Sented by Shon

Bu kitap, Fransız ve dünya edebiyatının dev klasiklerinden biri olan La Fontaine'in bütün masallarını biraraya getiriyor. La Fontaine'in masalları, insanoğlunun yüzyıllardır günlük yaşamında edinegeldiği temel ahlaki deneyimleri eğlendirici bir biçimde yansıtıyor. Derin konuları son derece hafif bir anlatımla ifade eden La Fontaine'in masallarında hayvan karakterler belirgin bir biçimde öne çıkıyor.

Sefiller Cilt1
Sefiller Cilt1 Sented by Musa

Batı edebiyatının en büyük klasiklerinden biri olan Sefiller, iki düzlemde büyük bir ustalığın, yaratıcı zekâ ve yeteneğin örneğini sunuyor

Yahudiler Sented by Musa

Cumhuriyet'le baslayan Türk Aydınlanma Devrimi'nde, dünya klasiklerinin Hasan Âli Yücel öncülüğünde dilimize çevrilmesinin, kuskusuz önemli payı vardır. Cumhuriyet gazetesi olarak, Cumhuriyetimizin 75. yılında, bu etkinliği yineleyerek, Türk okuruna bir "Aydınlanma Kitaplığı'' kazandırmak istedik. Bu çerçevede, 1940'lı yıllardan baslayarak Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı'nca yayınlanan dünya klasiklerini okurlarımıza sunmaya basladık. Büyük ilgi gören bu etkinliği Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı'nca yayınlanmamıs -ancak Aydınlanma Devrimi yarıda kalmasaydı yayınlanacağına kesinlikle inandığımızdünya klasiklerini de katarak sürdürüyoruz.

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