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PHPUnit 3.7 Manual
PHPUnit 3.7 Manual Sented by Sarah Gerdes

PHPUnit es un entorno para realizar pruebas unitarias en el lenguaje de programación PHP. PHPUnit es un framework de la família xUnit originada con SUnit de Kent Beck. PHPUnit se puede encontrar en GitHub y ha sido creado por Sebastian Bergmann, autor de este manual.

Empowerment, Feedback, Gamification: Once Upon a Time in Retail

Once upon a time, was there retail? Or - also through key-words like Empowerment, Feedback, and Gamification - is retail still with us, and will it be in the future? Logotel presents this Magazine on the occasion of the event "ReSeT - Retail Service Transformation": an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the new collaborative experiences that the retail world of the future can build for and with its customers.

Motivational Design Patterns
Motivational Design Patterns Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The rise of mobile platforms and the Web has created a market where software is now funded by advertisements, subscriptions and in-app purchases. This software is designed with retention in mind, motivating users to return to the application again and again.

User-Driven Development for Bespoke Software

Software engineering as a discipline has for the last few decades tried to tackle the problem of software project failures. A software engineer's arsenal consists of various methods and techniques applicable to the plethora of different software projects. Initially the field focused on a rigid methodology where the methods follow a similar work-flow and focus on delivering a product based on the customer's requirements. This methodology, what can be called classic software development, is to a large extent based on academic research and observations.

What is Testing?
What is Testing? Sented by Rebecca

Testing is Exploration: TEST THIS! This Chapter gives the reader a foretaste of what it is to test. By exploring Black box machines the reader understands how a product works and what might be the issues to consider.

Essential Skills for Agile Development

Software development has been plagued by problems. Fortunately, at the same time innovations in programming techniques are continuously made in order to deliver quality software that meets customers' requirements within schedule and budget. Starting from around 1998, a new school of software development methodologies collectively known as "Agile Software Development" is starting to capture the minds and hearts of developers worldwide because it can effectively address the various problems surrounding software development.

Software Testing Primer v2
Software Testing Primer v2 Sented by Rebecca

I wrote the first version of this Primer in about 2000, but didn’t publish it until some years later.

Rethinking Gamification
Rethinking Gamification Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Tis book is about gamifcation, and much more. Te publication intends to explore the concept of gamifcation, its history and applications, its implications for theory and practice. It also aims at doing more than simply mapping a trend, or providing guidelines for the design of gamifcation apps. In this book the concept of gamifcation will be rethought, through several distinct approaches and a multitude of questions.

Test-Driven Development: Extensive Tutorial

I’m writing this book because I’m a TDD enthusiast. I believe TDD is a huge improvement over other software development methodologies I have used to deliver quality software. I believe this is true not only for me, but for many other software developers. Which makes me question, why don’t more people learn and use TDD as their software delivery methodology of choice? In my professional life, I haven’t seen the adoption rate to be big enough to justify the claim that TDD is currently in the mainstream.

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