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Windows 8.1 Succinctly
Windows 8.1 Succinctly Sented by Shon

Author Matteo Pagani will guide you from a conceptual understanding of Windows 8.1 to developing apps for both desktop and mobile environments.

ASP.NET MVC Succinctly
ASP.NET MVC Succinctly Sented by Michael

ASP.NET MVC framework provides the Razor view engine for creating a consistent look and feel in your apps, and HTML helpers to provide an easy way to design your app without having to write all of the markup on your own.

BizTalk Succinctly
BizTalk Succinctly Sented by Paul

In BizTalk Succinctly, author Rui Machado provides an insightful look at one of Microsoft’s most useful servers.

Directory Enabled Applications Succinctly

The Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) enables developers and network administrators to easily manage network resources by providing a way to automate tasks.

Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is the new version of the widely-used integrated development environment for building modern, high-quality applications for a number of platforms such as Windows, the web, the cloud, and mobile devices. In Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly, author Alessandro Del Sole explains how to take advantage of the most useful of these highly anticipated features.

Visual Studio Code Succinctly

Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool for editing code and serves as a complete environment for end-to-end programming. Visual Studio Code Succinctly by Alessandro Del Sole, will guide readers to mastery of this valuable tool so that they can make full use of its features.

NancyFX Succinctly
NancyFX Succinctly Sented by Michael

In NancyFX Succinctly, you’ll learn what NancyFX is all about, where it came from, and what it can do for you as a .NET developer. Author Peter Shaw will explain why NancyFX is more than just another web framework, and teach you some of the many tricks that make it as easy as possible for you to create stunning web-enabled applications on the .NET platform.

ASP.NET Multitenant Applications Succinctly

Some basic knowledge of ASP.NET forms the foundation for an introduction to multitenancy in web application development and how to use ASP.NET frameworks to implement multitenant solutions. With an emphasis on working solutions, author Ricardo Peres will guide you towards a greater mastery of multitenant solutions in ASP.NET Multitenant Applications Succinctly.

HBase Succinctly
HBase Succinctly Sented by Shon

Use HBase to improve your control of big data.

Roslyn Succinctly
Roslyn Succinctly Sented by Shon

Microsoft has only recently embraced the world of open source software, offering many pieces of the .NET Framework architecture as open source projects. One of the most significant projects is Roslyn, Microsoft’s C# and Visual Basic compilers rewritten entirely in managed code. With Roslyn Succinctly by Alessandro Del Sole, you will learn how the platform grants developers greater freedom to build tools for other developers, how to build your own tools, and how to share them with the development community.

Leaflet.js Succinctly
Leaflet.js Succinctly Sented by Musa

This introduction to Leaflet.js will teach key concepts of the software and critical techniques in order to help you develop web-ready interactive maps. Mark Lewin’s Leaflet.js Succinctly is the first step on the road to producing the best interactive maps you possibly can.

FakeItEasy Succinctly
FakeItEasy Succinctly Sented by Michael

With just some knowledge of IoC, DI, and Unit Testing, begin using FakeItEasy to mock dependencies while unit testing. Author Mike McCarthy will guide readers—from novices to experts—to getting the most out of mocking frameworks with FakeItEasy Succinctly.

Web Servers Succinctly
Web Servers Succinctly Sented by Musa

Handling a request is no longer the simple process of “send back the content of this file,” but instead involves routing the request to the web application, which, among other things, determines where the content comes from. In Web Servers Succinctly, author Marc Clifton provides great insights on the benefits of building your own web server, and covers different options available for threading, work processes, session management, routing, and security.

Marco Breveglieri
Marco Breveglieri Sented by Michael

In The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), security experts Michael Howard and Steve Lipner from the Microsoft Security Engineering Team guide you through each stage of the SDL—from education and design to testing and post-release.

Delphi Succinctly
Delphi Succinctly Sented by Musa

Learn the fundamentals of Delphi to build a variety of solutions for many devices and platforms.

C# Code Contracts Succinctly

Developed by Microsoft’s Research in Software Engineering, Code Contracts provide a way to convey code assumptions in your

Arduino Succinctly
Arduino Succinctly Sented by Luis

Microcontrollers like Arduino provide a great introduction to physical computing, allowing you to design: environment sensors and controls; visual and auditory alerts based on input; and devices comprising the Internet of Things.

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