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Leaflet.js Succinctly
Leaflet.js Succinctly Sented by Musa

This introduction to Leaflet.js will teach key concepts of the software and critical techniques in order to help you develop web-ready interactive maps. Mark Lewin’s Leaflet.js Succinctly is the first step on the road to producing the best interactive maps you possibly can.

FakeItEasy Succinctly
FakeItEasy Succinctly Sented by Michael

With just some knowledge of IoC, DI, and Unit Testing, begin using FakeItEasy to mock dependencies while unit testing. Author Mike McCarthy will guide readers—from novices to experts—to getting the most out of mocking frameworks with FakeItEasy Succinctly.

Web Servers Succinctly
Web Servers Succinctly Sented by Musa

Handling a request is no longer the simple process of “send back the content of this file,” but instead involves routing the request to the web application, which, among other things, determines where the content comes from. In Web Servers Succinctly, author Marc Clifton provides great insights on the benefits of building your own web server, and covers different options available for threading, work processes, session management, routing, and security.

Marco Breveglieri
Marco Breveglieri Sented by Michael

In The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), security experts Michael Howard and Steve Lipner from the Microsoft Security Engineering Team guide you through each stage of the SDL—from education and design to testing and post-release.

Delphi Succinctly
Delphi Succinctly Sented by Musa

Learn the fundamentals of Delphi to build a variety of solutions for many devices and platforms.

C# Code Contracts Succinctly

Developed by Microsoft’s Research in Software Engineering, Code Contracts provide a way to convey code assumptions in your

Arduino Succinctly
Arduino Succinctly Sented by Luis

Microcontrollers like Arduino provide a great introduction to physical computing, allowing you to design: environment sensors and controls; visual and auditory alerts based on input; and devices comprising the Internet of Things.

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Preview 2

In this Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Mission-Critical Applications, Deeper Insights, Hyperscale Cloud- Preview 2 ebook, we introduce three new security features: Always Encrypted, Row-Level Security, and dynamic data masking; discuss enhancements that enable you to better manage performance and storage: TempDB configuration, query store, and Stretch Database; review several improvements to Reporting Services; and also describe AlwaysOn Availability Groups, tabular enhancements, and R integration.

Deploying Windows 10: Automating deployment by using System Center Configuration Manager

Get a head start deploying Windows 10—with tips and best practices from experts in the field. Deploying Windows 10: Automating deployment by using System Center Configuration Manager shows you how to deploy Windows 10 in an automated way without impacting end users by leveraging System Center Configuration Manager, which is the most used product to deploy Microsoft operating systems in the industry today.

T4 Succinctly
T4 Succinctly Sented by Luis

Familiarity with code generation tools is key for modern software engineers, and whether you know it or not, you’re probably already using one.

C# Succinctly
C# Succinctly Sented by Luis

C# is a general purpose, object-oriented, component-based programming language.

Python Succinctly
Python Succinctly Sented by Michael

Learn to use the Python language to create programs of all kinds.

SQL on Azure Succinctly
SQL on Azure Succinctly Sented by Musa

The nature of business today demands that companies have an online presence.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy
Enterprise Cloud Strategy Sented by Paul

Lead the journey to the cloud and drive innovation! Discover what makes the cloud so compelling to enterprises; with which applications you should start your cloud journey; how your organization will change, and how skill sets will evolve; how to measure progress; how to think about security, compliance, and business buy-in; and how to exploit the ever-growing feature set that the cloud offers to gain strategic and competitive advantage.

Spark Succinctly
Spark Succinctly Sented by Musa

Mastering big data requires an aptitude at every step of information processing.

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