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Learning Java by Building Android Games

Learning Java by Building Android Games will show you how to get your Android development environment set up and you will soon have your first working game.

R Programming Succinctly
R Programming Succinctly Sented by Shon

The R programming language on its own is a powerful tool that can perform thousands of statistical tasks, but by writing programs in R, you gain tremendous power and flexibility to extend its base functionality

GitHub Succinctly
GitHub Succinctly Sented by Paul

GitHub offers unparalleled access for developers to work on projects together, bridging geographical divides to bring teams together.

PHP Succinctly
PHP Succinctly Sented by Paul

In PHP Succinctly, author José Roberto Olivas Mendoza guides newcomers through PHP’s basics, which includes deployment, programming themes such as variables, decision making, arrays, functions, and databases, and the creation of a functional webpage that will connect to a database.

Introduction to Windows Containers

As a result of Microsoft’s strong strategic partnership with Docker—the de facto standard in container management software—enterprises can minimize the time required to onboard and run Windows Containers.

Foundational and Computational Statistics Succinctly

Statistics is the foundation of intelligent data analysis. Foundational and Computational Statistics Succinctly by Katie Kormanik provides the foundational bricks and mortar needed to master the theories and methodologies behind statistical procedures.

Hive Succinctly
Hive Succinctly Sented by Musa

Hive allows you to take data in Hadoop, apply a fixed external schema, and query the data with an SQL-like language.

LINQPad Succinctly
LINQPad Succinctly Sented by Shon

LINQPad Succinctly offers IT professionals a detailed examination of how and why LINQPad can improve development lifecycle and deliver applications in less time.

Containerized Docker Applications Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform

Containerized Docker Applications Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform provides end-to-end guidance on the Docker application development lifecycle with Microsoft tools and services while providing an introduction to Docker development concepts for readers who might be new to the Docker ecosystem.

What You Need To Know About Node.js

What You Need To Know About Node.js: Dive into the fundamentals of Node.js provides everything you need to know to get started creating your own applications while also understanding how to work with Node like experienced developers do, you’ll be able to get started with your own projects in no time!

Arduino Development Cookbook

Arduino Development Cookbook comprises clear and step-by-step recipes that give you the toolbox of techniques to construct any Arduino project, from the simple to the advanced.

Visual Studio 2017 Succinctly

The release of Visual Studio 2017 is another critical element in Microsoft’s pivot to the “any developer, any platform, any device” mindset that has seized the company in recent years

Groovy Succinctly
Groovy Succinctly Sented by Shon

Groovy is a well-established programming language that offers a number of advantages to developers who want a reliable language with a mature community.

SOLID Principles Succinctly

There is always room for improving one’s coding ability, and SOLID design principles offer one way to see marked improvements in final output.

Creating your MySQL Database

Creating your MySQL Database: Practical Design Tips and Techniques is a short but complete guide showing beginners how to design good data structures for MySQL. It teaches how to plan the data structure and how to implement it physically using MySQL’s model.

Java Succinctly Part 1
Java Succinctly Part 1 Sented by Shon

Java applications are ubiquitous, and the language is consistently ranked as one of the most popular and dominant in the world.

Learning Python
Learning Python Sented by Michael

Learning Python has a dynamic and varied nature.

Java Succinctly Part 2
Java Succinctly Part 2 Sented by Luis

In this second eBook on Java, Christopher Rose takes readers through some of the more advanced features of the language.

React.js Succinctly
React.js Succinctly Sented by Paul

Developed by Facebook engineers, React is a JavaScript library that has revolutionized how developers design and think about views in web applications.

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