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The Doorway
The Doorway Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"It is my theory," Professor Falabella said, helping himself to a cookie, "that no one ever really makes a decision.

The Magical Mimics in Oz
The Magical Mimics in Oz Sented by Michael

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

Hawthorne in his Wonder Book has described the beautiful Greek myths and traditions, but no one has yet made similar use of the wondrous tales that gathered for more than a thousand years about the islands of the Atlantic deep

The Crock of Gold
The Crock of Gold Sented by Rebecca

A fantasy, indeed, with a charm all its own of gaiety, beauty, wisdom and wit only for the few who will read as it is written. "Here comes an Irishman well acquainted with elves, who laughs and sings and makes literature as he goes."

The Magic Skin
The Magic Skin Sented by Rebecca

The Magic Skin is an 1831 novel by French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850). Set in early 19th-century Paris, it tells the story of a young man who finds a magic piece of shagreen that fulfills his every desire.

Collector's Item
Collector's Item Sented by Jacob

We’ve often wondered what would happen if Robert Young should cease to be a lyrically intense writer for a story or two, forsaking the bright, poetic worlds of miss katy three and the first sweet sleep of night to become dispassionately analytical on a cosmic scale.

The Draw
The Draw Sented by Daniel

Stories of the old West were filled with bad men who lived by the speed of their gun hand. Well, meet Buck Tarrant, who could outdraw them all. His secret: he didn't even have to reach for his weapon....

The Legend of the Bleeding-heart

Annie Fellows Johnston (1863-1931) was an American author of juvenile fiction, most well-known for the Little Colonel series, the first book of which was made into a 1935 movie starring Shirley Temple, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Lionel Barrymore.

Tales of the Wonder Club
Tales of the Wonder Club Sented by Cameron

The Wonder Club had its home in the ancient hostelry know as 'Ye Headless Ladye,' situated in the centre of two cross-roads in one of the Midland counties. More than two hundred years ago the members--a very select company--met there regularly, and regaled each other with stories.

Dragon Blues
Dragon Blues Sented by Christopher

Even immortal dragons can have crazy exes.

My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales

Here they are again, the old, old stories, the very best; dear Cinderella, wicked old Bluebeard, tiny Thumbling, beautiful Beauty and the ugly Beast, and a host of others.

Indian Fairy Tales
Indian Fairy Tales Sented by Cameron

Soils and national characteristics differ, but fairy tales are the same in plot and incidents the world over. So proved the leading British folklorist Joseph Jacobs (1854–1916) with this now classic volume of 29 traditional tales from India, including some of the oldest recorded tales known.

The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers

A fairy tale of what happened to two men who tried to get rich in evil ways and of how the fortune they sought came to their younger brother, whose kind and loving heart prompted him to right action.

A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love Sented by Jacob

They called it the Nosferatu Plaque. New York was the first city to be hit, infected men mutating to become the new species Homo Vampirous. Women, genetically immune to the virus, became food for the rampaging army of the damned.

The Romance of Golden Star
The Romance of Golden Star Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The mummy's face was that of a man in the prime of life -- his features stamped with royal dignity, even in death.

The Magic City
The Magic City Sented by Rebecca

Philip Haldane builds a play city out of odds and ends that comes to life, when his beloved sister Helen marries Lucy's father.

The Green Door
The Green Door Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Letitia unlocks a little green door at her great-aunt Peggy's house, which transports her back in time to when her great-great-great grandparents lived.

The Laughing Prince
The Laughing Prince Sented by Rebecca

In calling this A Book of Jugoslav Fairy Tales and Folk Tales I have used the word Jugoslav in its literal sense of Southern Slav.

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