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The Science of Fairy Tales
The Science of Fairy Tales Sented by Steve Bark

The chief object of this volume is to exhibit, in a manner acceptable to readers who are not specialists, the application of the principles and methods which guide investigations into popular traditions to a few of the most remarkable stories embodying the Fairy superstitions of the Celtic and Teutonic peoples.

The Treasure of Atlantis
The Treasure of Atlantis Sented by Musa

In J. Allan Dunn’s fantasy-adventure, “The Treasure of Atlantis,” an orchid hunter’s discovery is the catalyst that prompts an expedition into the interior of South America .

Phantastes, A Faerie Romance
Phantastes, A Faerie Romance Sented by Daniel

One of the first great works of nineteenth-century fantasy fiction, Phantastes inspired many of the great Christian and fantasy authors of the twentieth century.

The Princess and the Goblin
The Princess and the Goblin Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A model of what a child's book ought to be--interesting, instructive, and poetical. We cordially recommend it as one of the very best gift-books we have yet come across. Followed by The Princess and the Curdie.

The Lost Princess of Oz
The Lost Princess of Oz Sented by Emma

Princess Ozma is missing! When Dorothy awakens one morning to discover that the beloved ruler of the Land of Oz has disappeared, all of the Emerald City's most celebrated citizens join in the search for the lost princess.

Lilith Sented by Sarah Gerdes

“Lilith is equal if not superior to the best of Poe,” wrote W. H. Auden in his introduction to the 1954 reprint of George MacDonald’s Lilith, which was first published in 1895.

Anais of Brightshire
Anais of Brightshire Sented by Steve Bark

While rumors of monsters rising in the south bring nightmares to the community of Brightshire, Anais is settling in to her role as a scullery maid in the Great House. Anais struggles to accept her place until, on a routine trip to the market, she finds a book of illegal magic and starts to experiment with various spells.

Sound of Sirens
Sound of Sirens Sented by Emma

On the island of Skylge, electricity is only for the Currents – the rich ruling class who once came from across the sea and brought the holy fire of St. Brandan to Skylge. Ever since, the light in the Brandaris Tower has protected the islanders. Heeding the Siren's call will drown your body and steal your soul, but the sacred light in the Tower will chase the merfolk away.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle
The Story of Doctor Dolittle Sented by Steve Bark

A queer old doctor who loves animals more than the "best people" turns his attention to curing their diseases and goes to Africa to check an epidemic among the monkeys. Much droll humor. Could be read to young children who like animal stories and will be just as much joy to the reader as the listener.

The Lost Continent
The Lost Continent Sented by Emma

The year is 2137. Two hundred years ago -- in our time, more or less -- Eurasia fought a war to end all wars, a war that meant, for all intents and purposes, the end of the Old World. T

The Arabian Nights Entertainments

This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature. In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards:

The Day Boy and the Night Girl

A Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator brings to life the classic tale of a boy and girl forced to live in separate worlds of darkness and light because of the spell of an evil witch

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar Sented by Rebecca

An amnesic Tarzan finds the treasure vaults of the lost city of Opar at the same time a mysterious treasure hunter and a band of thieves also learn of the hidden wealth.

Jack and the Check Book
Jack and the Check Book Sented by Musa

Mr. Bangs turns his light and ingenious fancy to the task of retelling the familiar fairy tales of our youthful days.

Deviations: TelZodo
Deviations: TelZodo Sented by Emma

Fifteen years have passed since Rudder annexed Promontory. Seventeen years have passed since the Covenant's destruction.

Tarzan the Terrible
Tarzan the Terrible Sented by Sarah Gerdes

In the previous novel, during the early days of World War I, Tarzan discovered that his wife Jane was not killed in a fire set by German troops, but was in fact alive.

Awake Sented by Steve Bark

What if the whole world fell asleep and couldn't wake up?Meet Kevin. Just an average kid who slacks off a lot. But when he stays up all night to finish his history paper, he finds a lonely world in the morning. Everyone is still asleep...and can't wake up!

The Bloodbaths
The Bloodbaths Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Crixus Oraan is a water artesan, an engineer who builds aqueducts and piping for bathhouses and mansions in the empire of Rond. His guild has entrusted him with a large sum of gold, but in a misguided effort to win enough to buy a lavish house for his new fiancé Kharrina, he loses the guild's gold in a card game. In this first volume of the Aqua Pura Trilogy, Crixus finds employment with the Lamiae of Nistru, a cruel society where those at the top bathe in the lifeblood of those at the bottom. Will his conscience allow him to finish the job?

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