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The Pilgrims of Hope
The Pilgrims of Hope Sented by Emma

William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.

The Fairy Nightcaps
The Fairy Nightcaps Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.

White Lilac or the Queen of the May

When the vicar's wife proposed to call Mrs. White's daughter by the heathen name of Lilac, all the villagers shook their heads; and they continued to shake them sagely when Lilac's father was shot dead by poachers just before the christening, and when, years after, her mother died on the very day Lilac was crowned Queen of the May.

The Iceberg Express
The Iceberg Express Sented by Jacob

Websters paperbacks take advantage of the fact that classics are frequently assigned readings in English courses. By using a running English-to-French thesaurus at the bottom of each page, this edition of The Iceberg Express by David Cory was edited for three audiences.

Telescope Jim
Telescope Jim Sented by Rebecca

The Buccaneer Left a Hatchet in My Guitar . . .

The Three Mulla-mulgars
The Three Mulla-mulgars Sented by Emma

The saga of three motherless monkeys who search for their father through a series of nightmarish and wondrous landscapes and events. (Description from A Journey Round My Skull

The Cuckoo Clock
The Cuckoo Clock Sented by Emma

A small child and a cuckoo for a cuckoo clock become unlikely friends, when at night the clock transports her to magical places.

The Brownies: Their Book
The Brownies: Their Book Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The Brownie characters, who are imaginary little sprites, featured in a series of publications by Canadian illustrator and author Palmer Cox. The first compilation, "The Brownies: Their Book", was published in 1887.

The Grey Fairy Book
The Grey Fairy Book Sented by Daniel

The tales in the Grey Fairy Book are derived from many countries--Lithuania, various parts of Africa, Germany, France, Greece, and other regions of the world. They have been translated and adapted by Mrs. Dent, Mrs. Lang, Miss Eleanor Sellar, Miss Blackley, and Miss Lang.

A Soldier of the Legion
A Soldier of the Legion Sented by Rebecca

Reproduction of the original: A Soldier of the Legion by Alice Muriel Williamson, Charles Norris Williamson

Fairy Tales From all Nations
Fairy Tales From all Nations Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The time has been, but happily exists no longer, when it would have been necessary to offer an apology for such a book as this. In those days it was not held that Beauty is its own excuse for being; on the contrary, a spurious utilitarianism reigned supreme in literature, and fancy and imagination were told to fold their wings, and travel only in the dusty paths of every-day life.

Moonshine & Clover
Moonshine & Clover Sented by Daniel

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive.

The Golgotha Dancers
The Golgotha Dancers Sented by Jacob

A curious and terrifying story about an artist who sold his soul that he might paint a living picture.

Living Alone
Living Alone Sented by Steve Bark

Sarah Brown lives an uneventful little life of charity committee work in 1918 London.

The Magic Soap Bubble
The Magic Soap Bubble Sented by Steve Bark

This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature.

Day of the Druid
Day of the Druid Sented by Emma

Be'al, all-powerful god, drank the blood of his victims. Would Gaar be able to save Marna, whom Be'al kept in eternal sleep, and avenge her people?

Death Makes A Mistake
Death Makes A Mistake Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Mr. Demise had Reggie Van Fiddler's name in his book, but Reggie didn't want to be on any list, so he set out to correct the mistake!

The Eye of Wilbur Mook
The Eye of Wilbur Mook Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Enchanted Castle
The Enchanted Castle Sented by Jacob

The Enchanted Castle - A Book of Fairy Tales from Flowerland is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

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