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The Boy Scout Camera Club
The Boy Scout Camera Club Sented by Daniel

10th entry in popular Boy Scouts series of outdoor adventures. Book's title is inconsistent: on the cover it is "Boy Scout Camera Club or The Confessions of a Photograph;" on the title page it is "The Boy Scout Camera Club or The Confession of a Photograph."

The Young Acrobat of the Great North American Circus

There was great excitement in Smyrna, especially among the boys. Barlow's Great American Circus in its triumphal progress from State to State was close at hand, and immense yellow posters announcing its arrival were liberally displayed on fences and barns, while smaller bills were put up in the post office, the hotel, and the principal stores, and distributed from house to house. It was the largest circus that had ever visited Smyrna.

The Hunters Feast
The Hunters Feast Sented by Emma

The story starts in the city of St. Louis, towards the end of the summer of some year in the nineteenth century.

Nedra Sented by Rebecca

The story of an elopement of a young couple from Chicago, who decide to go to London, travelling as brother and sister.

Plotting in Pirate Seas
Plotting in Pirate Seas Sented by Emma

Set sail for adventure! A magnificent swashbuckling story of a grander more adventurous time

The Boy Allies Under Two Flags

Websters paperbacks take advantage of the fact that classics are frequently assigned readings in English courses.

Rescue Dog of the High Pass
Rescue Dog of the High Pass Sented by Daniel

Franz Halle felt he was worthless because he could not manage book learning, but his schoolmaster and the village pastor knew that the boy had a priceless knowledge all his own.

A Woman Who Went to Alaska
A Woman Who Went to Alaska Sented by Carlos

This unpretentious little book is the outcome of my own experiences and adventures in Alaska. Two trips, covering a period of eighteen months and a distance of over twelve thousand miles were made practically alone.

Sturdy and Strong
Sturdy and Strong Sented by Cameron

The aim of tho story is to show how steadfastness, truth, and watchfulness may aid a lad to win his way through tho greatest difficulties and be of assistance to others in the endeavour.

Fighting the Whales
Fighting the Whales Sented by Rebecca

Robert Michael Ballantyne (24 April 1825 – 8 February 1894) was a Scottish author of juvenile fiction who wrote more than 100 books.

Ben Comee
Ben Comee Sented by Christopher

A description of a boy's life in Lexington in the middle of the 18th century, the coming on of the Old French War, and how Ben and two companions enlisted in the winter of 1758-9 in Rogers' Rangers.

Two Gallant Sons of Devon
Two Gallant Sons of Devon Sented by Carlos

Harry Collingwood was the son of a Royal Navy officer, and he put his father's experience to good use in crafting popular sea stories. Many of them are still widely read today.

My Lady of the North
My Lady of the North Sented by Daniel

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Young Alaskans
The Young Alaskans Sented by Rebecca

Emerson Hough was a late 19th century American writer best known for Westerns and historical novels about America. This is one of his most popular books.

Dan Merrithew
Dan Merrithew Sented by Luis

An athletic schoolboy losing family and fortune takes to the sea and rises from tugboatman to superintendent of a merchant fleet through an astounding series of adventures.

Sea-Dogs All!
Sea-Dogs All! Sented by Emma

We are happy to announce this classic book. Many of the books in our collection have not been published for decades and are therefore not broadly available to the readers.

The Rover Roys on the Ocean
The Rover Roys on the Ocean Sented by Christopher

Book Excerpt: ..."Where can we find this Haskett?""Come into my boat and I'll take 'ou to him."The rowboat was now close at hand, and one after another the Rover boys stowed themselves away in the craft. hen Martin Harris took up the oars and started for the river bank.

The Mind Master
The Mind Master Sented by Luis

"Three months after the events in Africa Lee Bentley and Ellen Estabrook are back in New York--and so is Professor Barter, who is not dead, but is very much alive and equipped with heat and disintegrator rays, a far viewer, and brain implants that permit long-distance hypnotic control." --Science-fiction by Everett Franklin Bleiler, Richard Bleiler

The Rover Boys in the Jungle

The Rover Boys, or The Rover Boys Series for Young Americans, was a popular juvenile series authored by Arthur M. Winfield, a pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer, and published by Stratemeyer Syndicate.

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