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Everyone in Silico
Everyone in Silico Sented by Rebecca

In Vancouver in 2036, people are tired of the rain. They're willing to give up a lot for guaranteed sunshine, a life with no wasted hours. A life free of crime and disease. A life that ends when you want it to, not when some faceless entity decides it's your time.

The Issahar Artifacts
The Issahar Artifacts Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Excerpt-I have decided after some thought, to write this journal. It is, I suppose, a form of egotism--for I do not expect that it shall ever be read in the event that I am unable to leave this place. 

Measure for a Loner
Measure for a Loner Sented by Rebecca

Measure for a Loner is presented here in a high quality paperback edition

The Lani People
The Lani People Sented by Emma

This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature. In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards:

Where There's Hope
Where There's Hope Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Draw
The Draw Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Stories of the old West were filled with bad men who lived by the speed of their gun hand.

Burn Sented by Steve Bark

Nebula Award Winner Hugo Award Nominee

Men Are Trouble
Men Are Trouble Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Where did all the men go? When aliens make all men disappear from Earth, the women left behind struggle to rebuild the shattered human culture.

The Winds of Time
The Winds of Time Sented by Jacob

John W. Campbell wrote this for a blurb for this tale when it appeared in Analog: He contracted for a charter trip -- but the man who hired his spacer wasn't quite a man, it turned out -- and he wanted more than service!

Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This is a classic science fiction short story by James H. Schmitz that first appeared in Analog Science Fact and Fiction.

The Star Hyacinths
The Star Hyacinths Sented by Luis

Schmitz wrote mostly short stories, which sold chiefly to Galaxy Science Fiction and Astounding Science-Fiction, which later became Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Gale Biography in Context called him "a craftsmanlike writer who was a steady contributor to science fiction magazines for over 20 years."

An Incident on Route 12
An Incident on Route 12 Sented by Jacob

An Incident on Route 12 is presented here in a high quality paperback edition

The Thing in the Attic
The Thing in the Attic Sented by Rebecca

Suddenly, Honath lost his temper. "Lose it, then!" he shouted. "Let us unlearn everything we know only by rote, go back to the beginning, learn all over again, and continue to learn, from our own experience. Spokesman, you are an old man, but there are still some of us who haven't forgotten what curiosity means!

A Choice of Miracles
A Choice of Miracles Sented by Rebecca

You're down in the jungle with death staring you in the face.

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