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Pet Farm
Pet Farm Sented by Luis

The next worst thing to hell is being shanghaied into the Paradise of an alien planet!

Ye of Little Faith
Ye of Little Faith Sented by Paul

Roger Phillips Graham (1909-1965) was an American science fiction writer who most often wrote under the name Rog Phillips, but also used other names.

The Green Mouse
The Green Mouse Sented by Emma

To the literary, literal, and scientific mind purposeless fiction is abhorrent.

In Search of the Unknown
In Search of the Unknown Sented by Paul

The hero, working under the auspices of the Bronx Zoo, scours the globe in search of extinct and legendary species, including the great auk, invisible swamp-dwelling predators, and "harbor masters," half-men, half-amphibians

Success Story
Success Story Sented by Jacob

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Hunted Heroes
The Hunted Heroes Sented by Steve Bark

The Hunted Heroes is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

Starman's Quest
Starman's Quest Sented by Steve Bark

The Lexman Spacedrive gave man the stars -- but at a fantastic price. Interstellar exploration, colonization, and trade became things of reality. The benefits to Earth were enormous. But because of the Fitzgerald Contraction, a man who shipped out to space could never live a normal life on Earth again.

Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine Sented by Steve Bark

Bad Medicine (in Short Science Fiction Collection 028 ) On May 2, 2103, Elwood Caswell walked rapidly down Broadway with a loaded revolver hidden in his coat pocket. He didn't want to use the weapon, but feared he might anyhow. This was a justifiable assumption, for Caswell was a homicidal maniac.

The Lost Warship
The Lost Warship Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Robert Moore Williams was a popular American author during the 20th century. His most famous works were science fiction.

Planet of the Gods
Planet of the Gods Sented by Steve Bark

Two planets circling Vega! But a more amazing discovery waited the explorers when they landed!

The Plague
The Plague Sented by Musa

Sergeant Major Andrew McCloud ignored the jangling telephones and the excited jabber of a room full of brass, and lit a cigarette. Somebody had to keep his head in this mess. Everybody was about to flip.

Lord of the World
Lord of the World Sented by Emma

This collection chronicles the fiction and non fiction classics by the greatest writers the world has ever known.

Fifty Years Hence, or What May Be in 1943

"Fifty Years Hence" is a quasi-fictional work by Robert Grimshaw, a professional engineer, with the intent of making a serious prediction of America's technological future, using engineering knowledge from his time in 1892. The fictional narrator is 21-year-old Francis Ainsworth. At the Masonic Lodge in New York City, Francis hears a fascinating lecture, based in Masonic mysticism, by one Roger Brathwaite.

Almuric Sented by Musa

The Transition was so swift and brief, that it seemed less than a tick of time lay between the moment I placed myself in Professor Hildebrand's strange machine, and the instant when I found myself standing upright in the clear sunlight that flooded a broad plain.

This Crowded Earth
This Crowded Earth Sented by Emma

This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature. In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards: 1. Type-setting & Reformatting:

Captain Gardiner of the International Police

In the far flung year of 1975 ("sixty years after the last and most terrible European war") Captain Gardiner, a squarejawed two-fisted Slab Thunkchest type, is the best agent that the International Police have.

Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum Sented by Musa

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Memory of Mars
The Memory of Mars Sented by Musa

"As soon as I'm well we'll go to Mars for a vacation again," Alice would say.

Human Error
Human Error Sented by Paul

In the near future from a 1950’s perspective, the first space station, in orbit around the Earth, gets knocked out of orbit due to pilot miscalculation. The subsequent disaster, with shuttle and space station crash landing near San Francisco, creates a public furor calling for the end of the space program. General Oglethorpe, the earth side base commander in charge of the space program, recruits Dr. Paul Medick, an expert in psychology and psychometrics, to head a new project: to eliminate human error. Oglethorpe is certain that men can be made to be more mechanical, operating with the same reliability of the machines which they operate.

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