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George Loves Gistla
George Loves Gistla Sented by Rebecca

“Why don’t you find yourself some nice little American girl,” his father had often repeated.

’Mid Pleasures and Palaces
’Mid Pleasures and Palaces Sented by Steve Bark

It was, Kirk thought, like standing in a gully, watching a boulder teeter precariously above you.

Watch the Sky
Watch the Sky Sented by Steve Bark

This is a classic science fiction short story by James H. Schmitz and illustrated by Brotman.

Legacy Sented by Emma

This is a classic science fiction novel by James H. Schmitz that first appeared in Analog Science Fact and Fiction. It tells the story of the beautiful and deadly martial artist Trigger Agree and her quest to find her associate Holati Tate.

Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Sented by Emma

"In addition, Perrie and Dexter were volunteers for what Dr. Aloys Ormond referred to cryptically as "very advanced experimentation."

Felony Sented by Rebecca

Felony is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Thing in the Attic
The Thing in the Attic Sented by Steve Bark

Suddenly, Honath lost his temper. "Lose it, then!" he shouted. "Let us unlearn everything we know only by rote, go back to the beginning, learn all over again, and continue to learn, from our own experience. Spokesman, you are an old man, but there are still some of us who haven't forgotten what curiosity means!" "Quiet!" the Spokesman said. "We have heard enough. We call on Alaskon the Navigator." "Much of the Book is clearly untrue," Alaskon said flatly, rising.

One-Shot Sented by Steve Bark

One-Shot is presented here in a high quality paperback edition

A Choice of Miracles
A Choice of Miracles Sented by Steve Bark

A Choice of Miracles is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Pygmy Planet
The Pygmy Planet Sented by Steve Bark

The Pygmy Planet is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

Salvage in Space
Salvage in Space Sented by Musa

Salvage in Space is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

Scarlet Plague
Scarlet Plague Sented by Steve Bark

Jack London's post-apocalyptic vision takes place in 2072, sixty years after an uncontrollable plague epidemic has depopulated the planet.

The Iron Heel
The Iron Heel Sented by Emma

The Iron Heel is a dystopian novel by American writer Jack London, first published in 1908.

Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Chemistry Sented by Emma

PROFESSOR CARBONIC was diligently at work in his spacious laboratory; analyzing; mixing and experimenting.

Youth Sented by Emma

The science fiction short story Youth by Isaac Asimov, first appeared in the May issue of Space Science Fiction back in 1952.

Slingshot Sented by Steve Bark

Slingshot is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Cartels Jungle
The Cartels Jungle Sented by Steve Bark

In most ideally conceived Utopias the world as it exists is depicted as a mushrooming horror of maladjustment, cruelty and crime.

Love Story
Love Story Sented by Emma

This story is about feminists, nor is it about meninists.

Impact Sented by Luis

Book Excerpt: ...an's. The first question asked by one of the broad-shouldered savages underscored that conclusion."Have you come to our world as colonists?"No mumbo-jumbo of superstition, no awe of strangers who had suddenly descended upon them from the sky. Lord answered, "We landed in order to repair our ship, but I hope we can make a trade treaty with your government.

The Shadow out of Time
The Shadow out of Time Sented by Christopher

Voted one of the top ten Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2001 by Cinescape Magazine.

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