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Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence

At Jennie Stone's wedding reception, Helen and Tom Cameron are annoyed when Chess Copley is overly attentive to Ruth Fielding. Helen acts like she hates Chess, and Tom is intensely jealous and worried that Ruth may end up with Chess. Ruth is just as interested in Tom as she has always been, but she is discontent with Tom's laziness and wants Tom to prove himself as a man in business. Ruth feels that she must keep her distance from Tom so that he can be successful.

A Daughter of the Union
A Daughter of the Union Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A thrilling story of the Civil War. A brave young girl is sent from New York to New Orleans as a bearer of important messages. Aided by Admiral Farragut she delivers these, but is finally captured and held at Vicksburg, until its surrender to General Grant.

Through the Air to the North Pole

Orphans Mark and Jack are fostered by Professor Henderson, with help from the professor's assistant Washington White and his friend Andy Sudds, the big game hunter. In their first adventures the Professor builds a unique boat/dirigible called the Monarch, which they use to visit the North Pole.

In the King's Name
In the King's Name Sented by Daniel

"The best of all Mr. Fenn's productions in this field. It has the great quality of always 'moving on,' adventure following adventure in constant succession."--Daily News.

Stories From Livy
Stories From Livy Sented by Daniel

Alfred John Church was an English classical scholar. Church was born in London and was educated at King's College London, and Lincoln College, Oxford.

Paradise Bend
Paradise Bend Sented by Daniel

Paradise Bend is an exciting western novel by William Patterson White. White was famous for writing books such as The Owner of the Lazy D, Paradise Bend, Hidden Trails, The Heart of the Range, and The Rider of Golden Bar.

Daughters of Night
Daughters of Night Sented by Cameron

The evil magic of the Goddess Diana turned men to stone. Would the power of the strange Eos be strong enough to turn them back to living men?

Wolf Breed
Wolf Breed Sented by Emma

No Luck Drennan had grown hard through loss of faith in men he had trusted. A woman hater and sharp of tongue, he finds a match in Ygerne whose clever fencing wins the admiration and love of the "Lone Wolf."

Tom Swift and His War Tank
Tom Swift and His War Tank Sented by Carlos

Tom Swift has gone through four series and through generations of the Tom Swift family. Quiet Vision has republished the first twenty five titles in the original Tom Swift series. The original Tom Swift series is referred to as Tom Swift Sr.

Battling the Clouds
Battling the Clouds Sented by Rebecca

Originally published as The Aeroplane Boys, this series was reprinted as The Aviator Series.

Bunyip Land
Bunyip Land Sented by Emma

"One of the best tales of adventure produced by any living writer, combining the inventiveness of Jules Verne, and the solidity of character and earnestness of spirit which have made the English victorious in so many fields."--Daily Chronicle.

The Rover Boys on the Plains

The present tale tells of adventures on the mighty Mississippi River,and then on the great plains, where Dick, Tom and Sam, and some oftheir friends, have a variety of adventures and assist in unravelingthe mystery surrounding a lonely ranch. Of course, their old enemy,Baxter, is bound to make himself known, but the Rover boys do notfail to take care of themselves, as of old.

That Printer of Udells
That Printer of Udells Sented by Daniel

A tale of exalted ideals, human to the very core. When the reader closes this book he will feel as though he has learned more of human nature than ever before.

The Island Queen
The Island Queen Sented by Rebecca

R. M. Ballantyne (1825-1894) was a Scottish juvenile fiction writer. Born Robert Michael Ballantyne in Edinburgh, he was part of a famous family of printers and publishers. In 1848 he published his first book, Hudson's Bay: or, Life in the Wilds of North America.

King of Fang and Claw
King of Fang and Claw Sented by Emma

Through the menacing brooding jungle stalked the mighty white youth Ka-Zar discovering, fighting, conquering beasts, savages and white men who came to kill, and steal the golden treasures from this primeval heart of the Congo.

The Life of Kit Carson
The Life of Kit Carson Sented by Emma

Christopher Carson, or as he was familiarly called, Kit Carson, was a man whose real worth was understood only by those with whom he was associated or who closely studied his character. He was more than hunter, trapper, guide, Indian agent and Colonel in the United States Army. He possessed in a marked degree those mental and moral qualities which would have made him prominent in whatever pursuit or profession he engaged.

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