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Triplanetary Sented by Steve Bark

Triplanetary was first serialized in Amazing Stories in 1934 and it later on formed the first of the Lensman series, where it set the stage for what is one of the greatest space-opera sagas ever written.

The Galaxy Primes
The Galaxy Primes Sented by Musa

*They were four of the greatest minds in the Universe

EQUALITY Sented by Rebecca

This marvelous book is the sequel to Bellamy's Looking Backward, his utopian novel of several years earlier, where a young man falls asleep in 1887 and wakes in a utopian year 2000, where all social ills are solved.

The Man Who Saw the Future
The Man Who Saw the Future Sented by Rebecca

"Henri Lothiere, apothecary's assistant of Paris," he read, "is charged in this year of our lord one thousand four hundred and forty-four with offending against God and the king by committing the crime of sorcery." The prisoner spoke for the first time, his voice low but steady. "I am no sorcerer, sire."

Warlord of Mars
Warlord of Mars Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The Warlord of Mars is a science fantasy novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, the third of his Barsoom series. Burroughs began writing it in June, 1913, going through five working titles; Yellow Men of Barsoom, The Fighting Prince of Mars, Across Savage Mars, The Prince of Helium, and The War Lord of Mars.

The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw

An experimental aviator and a cryogenicist is flying over Siberia when forced to land when they find the body of a caveman frozen into a newly uncovered glacier wall - Jimber-Jaw awakens to find his world has changed and it is now the twentieth century!

The Red Hawk
The Red Hawk Sented by Luis

An Anti-Communist Science Fiction Classic using the author of Tarzan. This is the final of a three-part Dystopian trilogy of lifestyles in a socialist 'utopia'. Book 1 - The Moon Maid. 2 is The Moon Men. Admiral Julian III is aware of his future: He could be reborn as his grandson in the 21st century & journey through space to make a startling discovery inside the moon.

The moon men
The moon men Sented by Sarah Gerdes

When the power-hungry hordes of the Moon's hidden interior conquer Earth, plundering its greatest cities, Julian 9th rises to resist the hated Kalkar overlords and start a rebellion that will save his planet. Reprint.

The Moon Maid
The Moon Maid Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The crew members of the first Earth-Mars spaceship are forced to make an emergency landing on the moon where they discover a strange hidden world of winged women, conical cities, and warring monsters

The Monster Men
The Monster Men Sented by Luis

MAN, MONSTER, OR JUNGLE GOD? They called him Number 13, the latest and best of Dr. Von Horn's attempts to make life from lifeless chemicals. He found himself an almost-human on Von Horn's hideaway jungle island off the coast of Borneo. He saw the monsters that preceded him, growing used to the dreadful travesties of humanity. Not until Number Thirteen met the American girl who was Von Horn's unwilling prisoner did he realize how different he was from the others.

The Master Mind of Mars
The Master Mind of Mars Sented by Emma

The Master Mind of Mars is the sixth novel in Edgar Rice Burroughs' amazing Barsoom series.

The Land That Time Forgot
The Land That Time Forgot Sented by Jacob

Starting out as a harrowing wartime sea adventure, Burroughs’s story ultimately develops into a lost world story reminiscent of such novels as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (1912) and Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island (1874) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864).

The Gods of Mars
The Gods of Mars Sented by Emma

The Gods of Mars is a classic fantasy adventure novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs and a sequel to A Princess of Mars. At the end of the first book, A Princess of Mars, John Carter is unwillingly transported back to Earth. The Gods of Mars begins with his arrival back on Barsoom (Mars) after a ten-year separation from his wife Dejah Thoris, his unborn child, and the Red Martian people of the nation of Helium, whom he has adopted as his own. Unfortunately, John Carter materializes in the one place on Barsoom from which nobody is allowed to depart: the Valley Dor, which is the Barsoomian afterlife.

The Chessmen of Mars
The Chessmen of Mars Sented by Emma

The fifth novel in Edgar Rice Burrough's classic Barsoom series, The Chessmen of Mars follows the adventures of John Carter and Dejah Thoris's strong-willed daughter Tara. When Tara spuns the advances of Prince Gahan, she flounces straight into danger.

Synthetic Men of Mars
Synthetic Men of Mars Sented by Rebecca

John Carter desperately needed the aid of Barsoom's greatest scientist.

Skeleton Men of Jupiter
Skeleton Men of Jupiter Sented by Musa

From the astounding AMAZING STORIES of John Carter, Skeleton Men of Jupiter is Edgar Rice Burroughs's last. His imagination welcomes the reader to a captivating space story.

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