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Derelict Sented by Christopher

What was the mystery of this great ship from the dark, deep reaches of space?

Image of the Gods
Image of the Gods Sented by Sarah Gerdes

It was nearly winter when the ship arrived. Pete Farnam never knew if the timing had been planned that way or not.

Circus Sented by Steve Bark

Alan Edward Nourse, an American science fiction author and physician, also writing under the names of Dr. X and Al Edwards, wrote both juvenile and adult science fiction, as well as nonfiction works about medicine and science.

Survival Tactics
Survival Tactics Sented by Jacob

Survival TacticsBy Al SevcikThe robots were built to serve Man; to do his work, see to his comforts, make smooth his way. Then the robots figured out an additional service—putting Man out of his misery.THERE was a sudden crash that hung sharply in the air, as if a tree had been hit by lightning some distance away.

In the Cards
In the Cards Sented by Emma

It is one thing to safeguard the future ... and something else entirely to see someone you love cry in terror two years from now!

A Matter of Magnitude
A Matter of Magnitude Sented by Emma

A Matter of Magnitude is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Drone
The Drone Sented by Steve Bark

Abraham Merritt (January 20, 1884-August 21, 1943), who published under the byline A. Merritt, was an American editor and author of works of fantastic fiction

The Water Eater
The Water Eater Sented by Rebecca

I just lost a weekend. I ain't too anxious to find it. Instead, I sure wish I had gone fishing with McCarthy and the boys like I'd planned.

The Test Colony
The Test Colony Sented by Cameron

Winston K. Marks was a popular sci-fi writer whose stories were featured in a number of magazines during the mid-20th century.

The Mind Digger
The Mind Digger Sented by Emma

There was a reason why his scripts were smash hits—they had realism. And why not? He was reliving every scene and emotion in them!

Mate in Two Moves
Mate in Two Moves Sented by Steve Bark

Murt's Virus was catastrophically lethal, but it killed in a way no disease had ever thought of—it loved its victims to death!

BACKLASH Sented by Emma

(1915-1979) US author of sf short stories who also wrote as Win Marks and used the pseudonyms Win Kinney and Ken Winney, each for just one story. He began publishing with "Mad Hatter" for Unknown in May 1940, but then, after "Manic Perverse" (October 1941 Astounding), was not heard of again until 1953 when he published

The Chameleon Man
The Chameleon Man Sented by Rebecca

Witty, original and unforgettable, a classic pulp tale of the bizarre that takes The Invisible Man to the next level. Originally published in Amazing Stories, January 1943.

The Mighty Dead
The Mighty Dead Sented by Luis

What would it be like to live in a world which has conquered the near planets but abolished all literature?

Arms Out of Hand
Arms Out of Hand Sented by Emma

Excerpted from wikipedia: William Olaf Stapledon was a British philosopher and author of several influential works of science fiction.

Mr. Menzies' Baby Elephant

After a long drive among the surrounding plantations, we returned to the bungalow in time to dress for dinner, and had barely seated ourselves at the table, which was waited upon by Hindoo servants in white linen, when a babel of angry barks and shrill trumpeting rose outside.

Category Phoenix
Category Phoenix Sented by Steve Bark

Dr. David Wong stepped out from behind the large bookcase, listening.

Brink of Madness
Brink of Madness Sented by Steve Bark

C.I.B. Agent Pell used his head, even if he did rely on hunches more than on the computer. In fact, when the game got rough, he found that to use his head, he first had to keep it....

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