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Winston of the Prairie
Winston of the Prairie Sented by Steve Bark

A man of upright character, young and clean, but badly worsted in the battle of life, consents as a desperate resort to impersonate for a period a man of his own age--scoundrelly in character but of an aristocratic and moneyed family.

Peregrine's Progress
Peregrine's Progress Sented by Daniel

Peregrine Vereker, in the eyes of his aunt Julia, who brought him up to the mature age of nineteen, was a polished young gentleman, an incipient artist and poet. In the opinion of his two uncles he was an ignorant mollycoddle, a ladylike nincompoop, unacquainted with manliness. Stung by their scorn, Peregrine ''ran away'' as many a lad before and since, to learn the world and prove his worth, and ran the gamut of happiness and misery, of fear and courage, of loneliness and love before he matched up to the requirements of his two uncles.

The Hosts of the Air
The Hosts of the Air Sented by Luis

"The Hosts of the Air" is the third and concluding volume of the World War Series, of which "The Forest of Swords" and "The Guns of Europe" were the predecessors. It deals primarily with the love story of John Scott and Julie Lannes, but all the characters of the earlier books reappear in this romance also.

Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive

Book Excerpt: ... world, Dad," his son replied. But he did not go into details. Tom considered the "safest place in the world" just then was his own wallet, which was tucked into an inside pocket of his vest "I'm going to see Mary Nestor, Father," said Tom, as he went to the front door and opened it.

The Great Stone of Sardis
The Great Stone of Sardis Sented by Luis

A classic nineteenth-century portrayal of an irresponsible scientist who creates hazardous devices-- set in 1947 this futuristic novel recounts arctic submarine exploration and a journey to the earth's center.

A Journey in Other Worlds
A Journey in Other Worlds Sented by Luis

"The author speculates cleverly and daringly on the scientific advance of the earth, and he revels in the physical luxuriance of Jupiter; but he also lets his imagination travel through spiritual realms, and evidently delights in mystic speculation quite as much as in scientific investigation. If he is a follower of Jules Verne, he has not forgotten also to study the philosophers."--New York Tribune.

The Young Franc Tireurs
The Young Franc Tireurs Sented by Musa

The adventures of two young heroes who join the French forces during the Franco-Prussian War.

The Draw
The Draw Sented by Jacob

Stories of the old West were filled with bad men who lived by the speed of their gun hand. Well, meet Buck Tarrant, who could outdraw them all. His secret: he didn't even have to reach for his weapon....

The Secret of the Reef
The Secret of the Reef Sented by Steve Bark

An adventure by Bindloss, who was well known for his talent of describing environments.

The Girl from Sunset Ranch
The Girl from Sunset Ranch Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Helen was very thoughtful as she rode along the trail from Sunset Ranch to the View. She had lost her father but a month before, and he had passed away with a stain on his name--a stain of many years' standing, as the girl had just found out.

Nomads of the North
Nomads of the North Sented by Rebecca

After the death of his mother, Neewa the black bear cub, is captured by Challoner, the woodsman. Neewa soon learns that the woodsman and his Husky pup, Miki, are his friends.

The Man from the Bitter Roots
The Man from the Bitter Roots Sented by Cameron

Caroline Lockhart was a 20th century American journalist best known for writing Westerns, based in part on her own life experiences in places like Wyoming.

The Girl at the Halfway House

"The Girl at the Halfway House" has been called an American epic by critics who have read the manuscript. The author illustrates the strange life of the great westward movement which became so marked in this country after the civil war.

The Flying U's Last Stand
The Flying U's Last Stand Sented by Jacob

Progress is like the insidious change from youth to old age, except that progress does not mean decay. The change that is almost imperceptible and yet inexorable is much the same, however. You will see a community apparently changeless as the years pass by; and yet, when the years have gone and you look back, there has been a change. It is not the same. It never will be the same. It can pass through further change, but it cannot go back.

The Reckoning
The Reckoning Sented by Steve Bark

Mr. Chambers has surpassed himself in telling the tale of the love of Carus Renault and Lady Elsin Grey in this historical novel of the last days of the Revolutionary War.

Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber Sented by Cameron

A man acts on what he believes the facts are, not on the facts. He lives or dies by what the facts are. Now sometimes you don't have time to correct a man's beliefs, yet he must act correctly....

The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon

Book Excerpt: tightening his grip on his rifle, as he glanced once more toward that yawning crevice, leading to unknown depths, where the wolf pack lurked during the daytime to issue forth when night came around.

Through Russian Snows
Through Russian Snows Sented by Luis

There are few campaigns that, either in point of the immense scale upon which it was undertaken, the completeness of its failure, or the enormous loss of life entailed, appeal to the imagination in so great a degree as that of Napoleon against Russia.

The Young Buglers
The Young Buglers Sented by Cameron

The Young Buglers traces the fortunes of two brothers, Tom and Peter Scudamore, who join the British army in Portugal and serve with distinction during the hard-fought battles of the Peninsula War.

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