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Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders
Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders Sented by Sarah Gerdes

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Crooked Trails
Crooked Trails Sented by Christopher

How The Law Got Into The ChaparralThe Blue Quail Of The CactusA Sergeant Of The Orphan TroopThe Spirit Of MahonguiThe Essentials At Fort AdobeMassai's Crooked TrailJoshua Goodenough's Old LetterCracker Cowboys Of FloridaThe Strange Days That Came To Jimmie FridayThe Soledad Girls

The Wailing Octopus
The Wailing Octopus Sented by Carlos

The Wailing Octopus is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Gray Dawn
The Gray Dawn Sented by Daniel

This book tells of the period shortly after the first mad rush for gold in California.

A Question of Courage
A Question of Courage Sented by Steve Bark

I smelled the trouble the moment I stepped on the lift and took the long ride up the side of the "Lachesis." There was something wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it, but...

Tales of Daring and Danger
Tales of Daring and Danger Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A selection of five of Mr. Henty's short stories of adventure by land and sea.

Held Fast For England
Held Fast For England Sented by Jacob

The story of a young orphan who is sent to Gibraltar to live with his sister, who is married to an Irish officer. Soon after his arrival Gibraltar is sieged by the French and the Spanish.

The Pit Prop Syndicate
The Pit Prop Syndicate Sented by Rebecca

Another brilliantly ingenious detective story by the author of The Ponson Case. The mystery of the real business of the syndicate utterly baffled the clever young "amateurs" who tried to solve it, and it took all the experience and perseverance of the "professionals" to break up the dangerous and murderous gang.

With Wolfe in Canada
With Wolfe in Canada Sented by Sarah Gerdes

In the present volume I have endeavoured to give the details of the principal events in a struggle whose importance can hardly be overrated.

The Blazed Trail
The Blazed Trail Sented by Rebecca

A wholesome story with gleams of humor, telling of a young man who blazed his way to fortune through the heart of the Michigan pines. Based on White's experiences as a lumberjack in the north woods of Michigan.

Raw Gold
Raw Gold Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Bertrand William Sinclair was a popular 20th century Canadian author best known for his Western and frontier novels, depicting life not only in the U.S. but also in Canada. His books are still popular today.

The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill

"Oh dear, I do wish some one would invent something new for girls!" she exclaimed, although there was no one in the room to hear her. "

Bears I Have Met - and Others

A number of "true" bear stories by a noted hunter, "accumulated and written during a quarter of a century of intermittent wanderings and hunting on the Pacific slope."

Good Indian
Good Indian Sented by Emma

A stirring romance of life on an Idaho ranch, there is excitement and action on every page.

The Riflemen of the Ohio
The Riflemen of the Ohio Sented by Jacob

Joseph Alexander Altsheler (April 29, 1862 – June 5, 1919) was an American newspaper reporter, editor and author of popular juvenile historical fiction. He was a prolific writer, and produced fifty-one novels and (at least) fifty-one short stories. A Story of the Old New York Border.

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