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Here and Beyond
Here and Beyond Sented by Emma

Edith Wharton (1862 - 1937), was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist and short story writer. She grew up in upper-class pre-WWI society and many of her stories critique this culture, using subtle irony.

Crucial Instances
Crucial Instances Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Edith Wharton was born and bred to be a society wife, but in that she was a dismal failure: her marriage was pure misery, and in time the Whartons parted.

The Ebony Frame
The Ebony Frame Sented by Steve Bark

To be rich is a luxurious sensation, the more so when you have plumbed the depths of hard-up-ness as a Fleet Street hack, a picker-up of unconsidered pars, a reporter, an unappreciated journalist

Man-Size in Marble
Man-Size in Marble Sented by Rebecca

When a young pair of newlyweds settle down into a small cottage in a quiet village, they look forward to a pleasant, pastoral life of domestic bliss The husband, a practical man, dismisses the superstitious maid's tale of an ancient curse about the local church's marble statues who come to life each year on All Saint's Eve to wreak revenge.

The Man who Passed
The Man who Passed Sented by Emma

MR. MANNERING was called "the Captain" in the village of Woodern Green, which is on the southern edge of Buckingham.

The Greek Poropulos
The Greek Poropulos Sented by Musa

Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles in newspapers and journals. Edgar Wallace was born in Yarmouth, Greenwich, Norfolk. His biological parents were actors Richard Horatio Edgar (who never knew of his existence) and Mary Jane "Polly" Richards, nee Blair. Known as Richard Freeman, Edgar had a happy childhood, forming an especially close bond with 20-year-old Clara Freeman who became like a second mother to him.

The Red Hawk
The Red Hawk Sented by Rebecca

In the 25th century, as Julian XX, the fierce Red Hawk, he will lead humanity’s final battle against the alien invaders.

The Moon Maid
The Moon Maid Sented by Luis

The crew members of the first Earth-Mars spaceship are forced to make an emergency landing on the moon where they discover a strange hidden world of winged women, conical cities, and warring monsters

The moon men
The moon men Sented by Steve Bark

When the power-hungry hordes of the Moon's hidden interior conquer Earth, plundering its greatest cities, Julian 9th rises to resist the hated Kalkar overlords and start a rebellion that will save his planet. Reprint.

Skeleton Men of Jupiter
Skeleton Men of Jupiter Sented by Musa

From the astounding AMAZING STORIES of John Carter, Skeleton Men of Jupiter is Edgar Rice Burroughs's last.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Tales of Tarzan

Sequential Pulp delivers twelve stories from twelve dynamic artists in a brand-new Tarzan anthology based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic pulp novel Jungle Tales of Tarzan. These vine-swinging tales, a cherished contribution to the Tarzan canon, all take place before Tarzan rises to lead his ape tribe!

Thou Art the Man
Thou Art the Man Sented by Rebecca

"Thou Art the Man" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1844. It is an early experiment in detective fiction.

The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall

The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall (+Biography and Bibliography) (6X9po Matte Cover Finish):By late accounts from Rotterdam, that city seems to be in a high state of philosophical excitement. Indeed, phenomena have there occurred of a nature so completely unexpected so entirely novel so utterly at variance with preconceived opinions as to leave no doubt on my mind that long ere this all Europe is in an uproar, all physics in a ferment, all reason and astronomy together by the ears.It appears that on the day of (I am not positive about the date), a vast crowd of people, for purposes not specifically mentioned, were assembled in the great square of the Exchange in the well-conditioned city of Rotterdam.

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

"The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" is a dark comedy short story by the American author Edgar Allan Poe. The story follows an unnamed narrator who visits a mental institution in southern France known for a revolutionary new method of treating mental illnesses called the "system of soothing".

The Mystery of Marie Roget

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1899 edition. Excerpt: ..

The Oval Portrait
The Oval Portrait Sented by Musa

The Oval Portrait (+Biography and Bibliography) (6X9po Glossy Cover Finish):The chateau into which my valet had ventured to make forcible entrance, rather than permit me, in my desperately wounded condition, to pass a night in the open air, was one of those piles of commingled gloom and grandeur which have so long frowned among the Appennines, not less in fact than in the fancy of Mrs. Radcliffe.

The Oblong Box
The Oblong Box Sented by Emma

"The Oblong Box" is a short story by American author Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American author, poet, editor, and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story, and is generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction. He was the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. Born in Boston, he was the second child of two actors.

The Island of the Fay
The Island of the Fay Sented by Emma

The Island of the Fay (+Biography and Bibliography) (6X9po Glossy Cover Finish):"La musique," says Marmontel, in those "Contes Moraux" which in all our translations, we have insisted upon calling "Moral Tales," as if in mockery of their spirit "la musique est le seul des talents qui jouissent de lui-même; tous les autres veulent des temoins."

The Journal of Julius Rodman

What we must consider an unusual piece of good fortune has enabled us to present our readers, under this head, with a narrative of very remarkable character, and certainly of very deep interest. The Journal which follows not only embodies a relation of the first successful attempt to cross the gigantic barriers of that immense chain of mountains which stretches from the Polar Sea in the north, to the Isthmus of Darien in the south, forming a craggy and snow-capped rampart throughout its whole course, but, what is of still greater importance, gives the particulars of a tour, beyond these mountains, through an immense extent of territory, which, at this day, is looked upon as totally untravelled and unknown, and which, in every map of the country to which we can obtain access, is marked as “an unexplored region.”

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