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New Treasure Seekers
New Treasure Seekers Sented by Jacob

Another delightful story about the six Bastable children, who, as "The Would-Be Goods" and "The Treasure Seekers," have already won the hearts of many readers.

The Trampling of the Lilies
The Trampling of the Lilies Sented by Daniel

Rafael Sabatini (1875 - 1950) was an Italian/British writer of novels of romance and adventure. At a young age, Rafael was exposed to many languages. By the time he was seventeen, he was the master of five languages.

The Cruise of the Jasper B.
The Cruise of the Jasper B. Sented by Daniel

Under the crust of a commonplace newspaper editor, Clement J. Claggett is a volcano of romance. All his life he has dreamed the wildest dreams.

Quentin Durward
Quentin Durward Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Quentin Durward is a young Scotsman seeking fame and fortune in the France of Louis XI in the fifteenth century. He knows little and understands less, but Scott represents his ignorance and naiveté as useful to ‘the most sagacious prince in Europe’ who needs servants motivated solely by the desire for coin and credit and lacking any interest in France which would interfere with the execution of his political aims.

The Night-Born
The Night-Born Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"Ten short stories, in which may be found evidence of the observant eye, the keenness of mind, the swiftness of verbal movement, the knowledge of the world, that combine to make Jack London a master of fiction." --The Boston Transcript

Diane of the Green Van
Diane of the Green Van Sented by Rebecca

Diane of the Green Van was awarded the $10,000.00 prize in a novel contest in which over five hundred manuscripts were submitted.

The Desert Valley
The Desert Valley Sented by Emma

A college professor sets out with his daughter to find gold. They meet a rancher who loses his heart, and becomes involved in a feud. An intensely exciting story.

The Rustler of Wind River
The Rustler of Wind River Sented by Daniel

George W. Ogden was a 20th century author known for his Westerns, some of which were adapted into films. This is one of his most popular books.

The Golden Skull
The Golden Skull Sented by Emma

This ebook is complete with illustrations and linked Table of Content making navigation quicker and easier.

The Treasure of the Incas
The Treasure of the Incas Sented by Sarah Gerdes

G A Henty was a 19th century novelist, special correspondent and Imperialist. His best-known works are historical adventures

Around the World in Ten Days
Around the World in Ten Days Sented by Christopher

In 1920 the idea of going around the world in ten days was as preposterous as that projected by Jules Verne in 1873 when he wrote Around the World in Eighty Days.

The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower Sented by Rebecca

The romantic, dramatic story of Major Staines, the woman he married, the woman he met too late, and Lionel his friend. "The Dark Tower has the world for its market; its appeal is universal."--Philadelphia North American.

Molly McDonald
Molly McDonald Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Fairy tales, wonder tales, magic tales are a folklore genre taking the form of a short story that typically includes magical beings such as dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, talking animals, trolls, unicorns, or witches.

Redgauntlet Sented by Rebecca

Arguably Scott's finest novel, and the last of his major Scottish novels, Redgauntlet centers around a third, fictitious, Jacobite rebellion set in the summer of 1765. The novel's hero, young Darsie Latimer, is kidnapped by Edward Hugh Redgauntlet, a fanatical supporter of the Stewart cause, and finds himself caught up in the plot to install the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie on the British throne. First published in 1824, this is perhaps Scott's most complex statement about the relation between history and fiction.

The Cornet of Horse
The Cornet of Horse Sented by Jacob

In the year 1702 fencing was far from having attained that perfection which it reached later.

Now It Can Be Told
Now It Can Be Told Sented by Rebecca

Sir Philip Gibbs served as one of five official British reporters during the First World War. In this book he relays the experiences of British soldiers and offers a detailed narrative of the events of World War I, while trying to draw broader conclusions about the nature of war and how it can be prevented in the future.

Trail's End
Trail's End Sented by Rebecca

Ascalon was the end of the trail for thirsty cowboys who gave vent to their pent-up feelings without restraint.

The Blood of the Conquerors
The Blood of the Conquerors Sented by Daniel

This is a book which owes its appeal neither to people nor to talk, but rather to land. Mr. Fergusson not only goes back to the soil but he burrows into it.

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