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Shakedown Sented by Musa

James Ellroy is an American original of the most profane order. The bestselling author of the noir classics L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, and The Cold Six Thousand, he has been hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “one of the best writers of our era.” A self-proclaimed Luddite, Ellroy is turning to technology for the first time with the publication of Shakedown, a novella released by the digital publisher Byliner.

Suicide Hill
Suicide Hill Sented by Shon

Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins is the most brilliant homicide detective in the Los Angeles Police Department and one of its most troubled. In his obsessive mission to protect the innocent, there is no line he won’t cross.

The Best American Noir of the Century

In his introduction to the The Best American Noir of the Century, James Ellroy writes, “noir is the most scrutinized offshoot of the hard-boiled school of fiction. It’s the long drop off the short pier and the wrong man and the wrong woman in perfect misalliance.

The Big Nowhere
The Big Nowhere Sented by Shon

Los Angeles, 1950 Red crosscurrents: the Commie Scare and a string of brutal mutilation killings. Gangland intrigue and Hollywood sleaze. Three cops caught in a hellish web of ambition, perversion, and deceit. Danny Upshaw is a Sheriff's deputy stuck with a bunch of snuffs nobody cares about; they're his chance to make his name as a cop..

Time to Die
Time to Die Sented by Michael

He will predict your life… and your death. Don’t ever cross his palm with silver. He will reveal your most shameful secrets. He will predict your death. He is hiding a secret. He is hiding a monster.

Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon Sented by Paul

Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins can’t stand music, or any loud sounds. He’s got a beautiful wife, but he can’t get enough of other women. And instead of bedtime stories, he regales his daughters with bloody crime stories.

Brown’s Requiem
Brown’s Requiem Sented by Luis

Fritz Brown’s L.A.–and his life–are masses of contradictions, like stirring chorales sung for the dead. A less-than-spotless former cop with a drinking problem–a private eye-cum-repo man with a taste for great music–he has been known to wallow in the grime beneath the Hollywood glitter. But Fritz Brown’s life is about to change, thanks to the appearance of a racist psycho who flashes too much cash for a golf caddie and who walked away clean from a multiple murder rap.

White Jazz (L.A. Quartet, #4)

Los Angeles, 1958. Killings, beatings, bribes, shakedowns--it's standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein, LAPD. He's a slumlord, a bagman, an enforcer--a power in his own small corner of hell. Then the Feds announce a full-out investigation into local police corruption, and everything goes haywire.

The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town

John Grisham’s first work of nonfiction, an exploration of small town justice gone terribly awry, is his most extraordinary legal thriller yet. In the major league draft of 1971, the first player chosen from the State of Oklahoma was Ron Williamson.

The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom

The ancient Toltecs believed that life as we perceive it is a dream. We each live in our own personal dream, and all of our dreams come together to make the Dream of the Planet. Problems arise when we forget that the dream is just a dream and fall victim to believing that we have no control over it.

Stoner Sented by Paul

William Stoner is born at the end of the nineteenth century into a dirt-poor Missouri farming family. Sent to the state university to study agronomy, he instead falls in love with English literature and embraces a scholar’s life, so different from the hardscrabble existence he has known.

To the Ends of the Earth
To the Ends of the Earth Sented by Shon

To the Ends of the Earth, William Golding’s classic sea trilogy, tells the extraordinary story of a warship’s troubled journey to Australia in the early 1800s.

The Post-Office Girl
The Post-Office Girl Sented by Luis

2009 PEN Translation Prize Finalist The logic of capitalism, boom and bust, is unremitting and unforgiving. But what happens to human feeling in a completely commodified world? In The Post-Office Girl, Stefan Zweig, a deep analyst of the human passions, lays bare the private life of capitalism. Christine toils in a provincial post office in post–World War I Austria, a country gripped by unemployment. Out of the blue, a telegram arrives from Christine’s rich American aunt inviting her to a resort in the Swiss Alps. Christine is immediately swept up into a world of inconceivable wealth and unleashed desire. She feels herself utterly transformed: nothing is impossible. But then, abruptly, her aunt cuts her loose.

Тринадцатая сказка

Впервые на русском – «Тринадцатая сказка» Дианы Сеттерфилд – признанный шедевр современной английской прозы, книга, открывшая для широкой публики жанр «неоготики» и заставившая англо-американских критиков заговорить о возвращении золотого века британского романа, овеянного именами Шарлотты Бронте и Дафны дю Морье. Дебютный роман скромной учительницы, права на который были куплены за небывалые для начинающего автора деньги (800 тысяч фунтов за британское издание, миллион долларов – за американское), обогнал по продажам бестселлеры последних лет, был моментально переведен на несколько десятков языков и удостоился от рецензентов почетного имени «новой „Джейн Эйр”».

Gitme Zamanı
Gitme Zamanı Sented by Luis

Gök ile yer arasında köprü kuran asa misali, Bâtın ile Zâhir arasında gidip geliyor insan" "Hazır mısın?" "Hiçbir zaman hiçbir şeye hazır olmadım." "Korkuyor musun?" "Korkmadığım anım da olmadı." "Neden buradasın?" "Nerede olduğumu hiç bilmedim. Belki de olabileceğim başka bir yer yoktu." "Başlayalım mı?" "Her başlangıç bir son… Yeni bir sona başlayalım."

Balık Sented by Luis

Savaşı,küçük bir çocuğun gözünden anlatan, umut dolu bir roman!

Sabah Denizi
Sabah Denizi Sented by Shon

Margaret Mazzantini'den, masal gibi güçlü ve pırıltılı bir roman...

Aşkı Şansa Bırak
Aşkı Şansa Bırak Sented by Paul

Aşkta kötü şans diye bir şey var mıdır? Ya da aşk şansa mı bağlıdır?

Девушка в поезде

Джесс и Джейсон. Такие имена дала Рейчел «безупречным» супругам, за жизнью которых она день за днем наблюдает из окна электрички. У них, похоже, есть все, чего совсем недавно лишилась сама Рейчел, – любовь, счастье, благополучие…

Исчезнувшая Sented by Shon

Все было готово для празднования пятилетнего юбилея супружеской жизни, когда вдруг необъяснимо пропал один из виновников торжества. Остались следы борьбы в доме, кровь, которую явно пытались стереть, — и цепочка «ключей» в игре под названием «охота за сокровищами»; красивая, умная и невероятно изобретательная жена ежегодно устраивала ее для своего обожаемого мужа.

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