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Proteus Island
Proteus Island Sented by Christopher

This etext was produced from A Martian Odyssey and Others.

Pirates Sented by Steve Bark

The Lives and Adventures of Sundry Notorious Pirates.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is an able and powerful novel, with good characterization, a picture of life in Argentine but the greater part of the scene, Paris and the field of the war.

The Little Duke
The Little Duke Sented by Christopher

An inspiring story of Richard the Fearless (943-996) who became Duke of Normandy at the age of 8.

The Secret Pact
The Secret Pact Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Penny wants to write a story about a strange tattoo she sees on a sailor, but neither her father's nor her school's newspaper agree to the idea.

Moon-Face and Other Stories

The title story is a short story by Jack London, on the subject of extreme antipathy. The unnamed protagonist of the story has an irrational hatred of John Claverhouse, the moon-face man. He hates really everything about him: his face, his laugh, his entire life, and when he finds out that Claverhouse engages in illegal fishing with dynamite, he works out a scheme to kill him while making it look like an accident...

The Gringos
The Gringos Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A story of love and adventure on a ranch in California.

By Sheer Pluck
By Sheer Pluck Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"Morally, the book is everything that could be desired, setting before the boys a bright and bracing ideal of the English gentleman."--Christian Leader.

The Flying Legion
The Flying Legion Sented by Rebecca

The room was strange as the man himself who dwelt there. It seemed in a way the outward expression of his inner personality.

Lonesome Land
Lonesome Land Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A story of modern Montana, giving a wholly different phase of life among the ranches--in the lonesome land.

Whispering Smith
Whispering Smith Sented by Daniel

Whispering Smith is just a plain story. It is a book of incident instead of introspection. When you read it you don't give a hang about soul struggles.

Rebel Raider
Rebel Raider Sented by Jacob

This etext was produced from True: The Man's Magazine, December 1950. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

The Caves of Fear
The Caves of Fear Sented by Rebecca

Rick and Scotty travel to the Himalayas again, this time to stop nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands.

The Pirates of Panama
The Pirates of Panama Sented by Daniel

This volume was originally written in Dutch by John Esquemeling, and first published in Amsterdam in 1678 under the title of De Americaeneche Zee Roovers.

Claim Number One
Claim Number One Sented by Daniel

Rich men, poor men, beggarmen, thieves impelled by the lure of chance had gathered at the mushroom city of Comanche.

Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Albert Payson Terhune (December 21, 1872 – February 18, 1942) was an American author, dog breeder, and journalist. The public knows him best for his novels relating the adventures of his beloved collies and as a breeder of collies at his Sunnybank Kennels, the lines of which still exist in today's Rough Collies.

The Deluge
The Deluge Sented by Rebecca

Henryk Adam Aleksander Pius Sienkiewicz ; also known by the pseudonym "Litwos"; 5 May 1846 – 15 November 1916) was a Polish journalist, Nobel Prize-winning novelist, and philanthropist.

Comrades of the Saddle
Comrades of the Saddle Sented by Jacob

First published in 1910, this new Raging Bull Edition contains the original text as well as background articles including: - Frank V Webster – A Stratemeyer Pseudonym - Frank V Webster – A Bibliography - Pulp Fiction – Cheap Magazines, Gripping Stories

A Yacht Voyage Round England

A passage from the book... We had come home from school much earlier than usual, on account of illness having broken out there; but as none of the boys were dangerously ill, and those in the infirmary were very comfortable, we were not excessively unhappy William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880), was a writer of tales for boys.

By Reef and Palm
By Reef and Palm Sented by Daniel

Every one who has a taste for good stories will feel the force of these. Every one who knows the South Seas, and many who do not, will feel that they have the unmistakable stamp of truth.

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