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The Scarlet Plague
The Scarlet Plague Sented by Emma

'An old man, James Howard Smith, walks along deserted railway tracks, long since unused and overgrown; beside him a young, feral boy helps him along.

The Taming of Red Butte Western

The Red Butte Western is a railroad in the Southwest. When the owners decide to do away with the long prevailing lawless conditions on the road they choose a young engineer to go out there and do the "taming."

The Flaming Forest
The Flaming Forest Sented by Daniel

A Royal Northwest Canadian Mounty always gets his man. Or does he? Will David Carrigan catch Black Roger Audemard and escape his captors as they traverse thousands of miles of Northern rivers and forests? Read to find out!

A Pirate of the Caribbees
A Pirate of the Caribbees Sented by Daniel

After a search of some duration the sugar was eventually found in a locker, in loving contiguity to an open box of blacking, some boot brushes, a box of candles, a few fragments of brown windsor,—one of which had somehow found its way into the bowl,—and a few other fragrant trifles.

The Blue Envelope
The Blue Envelope Sented by Rebecca

One question we meet, and probably it should be answered. Would twolone girls do and dare the things that Lucile and Marian did? My onlyanswer must be that girls of their age--girls from "outside" atthat--have done them.

Smoke Bellew
Smoke Bellew Sented by Daniel

Christopher Bellew is a success in the eyes of the world, engaged with the San Francisco paper and penning stories daily... but for no pay. When Klondike fever strikes the region, he sees his chance to break from drudgery – starting him on a journey that takes him over mountain passes and down swirling rapids, removing him forever from the world he knew and the man he was. Taking the name "Smoke," he learns to thrive and flourish in the wilds of the frontier.

Penny of Top Hill Trail
Penny of Top Hill Trail Sented by Jacob

You who like mystery stories--and who doesn't?--will find in Penny of the Top Hill Trail a mystery which grows more and more mysterious as the story goes on. You will find, besides, a rollicking tale of adventure--a heroine who strikes a new note in heroines--and a recital of Loves Young Dream that is sheer romance.

The Treasure of Nugget Mountain

Karl May's most popular work originally published in 1892 and influenced by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Winnetou is the story of a young Apache chief told by his white friend and blood-brother Old Shatterhand.

A Knight of the White Cross
A Knight of the White Cross Sented by Rebecca

Young Gervaise Tresham leaves England and the turmoil of the Wars of the Roses to become a Knight of St. John. Starting as a page of the Grand Master, Gervaise quickly attains knighthood and defends Europe and Christendom against the anarchy of piracy in the Mediterranean at that time and the expansion of the Turkish empire.

Fair Margaret
Fair Margaret Sented by Daniel

Poor and fatherless, Peter delivered the killing blow in self-defense -- and because of his helpless love for Margaret -- dark-eyed daughter of John Castell, the kindly and wealthy merchant who has overseen his upbringing.

Kazan Sented by Rebecca

The tale of a "quarter-strain wolf and three-quarters husky" torn between the call of the human and his wild mate.

The Story of the Malakand Field Force

Sir Winston Churchill's first published work of non-fiction, it details an 1897 military campaign on the Northwest Frontier (an area now part of Pakistan).

The Dash for Khartoum
The Dash for Khartoum Sented by Rebecca

Mr. Henty is dealing with quite modern history in telling the story of the attempt to relieve Gordon at Khartoum, but better material for his pen he could scarcely have found throughout the annals of warfare. He does it every justice and produces a book containing solid information as well as a fictional interest which carries the reader with it to the end.

Blazed Trail Stories
Blazed Trail Stories Sented by Jacob

Classic western. According to Wikipedia: "Stewart Edward White (12 March 1873 – September 18, 1946) was an American author.

The Red Badge of Courage
The Red Badge of Courage Sented by Steve Bark

Henry Fleming has joined the Union army because of his romantic ideas of military life, but soon finds himself in the middle of a battle against a regiment of Confederate soldiers. Terrified, Henry deserts his comrades. Upon returning to his regiment, he struggles with his shame as he tries to redeem himself and prove his courage.

The Woman of Mystery
The Woman of Mystery Sented by Jacob

Maurice LeBlanc became famous for the creation of Ars?ne Lupin, a gentleman thief and master of disguise.

The Air Ship Boys
The Air Ship Boys Sented by Sarah Gerdes

It is obvious that Inger-Johanna is her father’s favorite. He is an army captain, in charge at Gilje. When a fellow officer, Captain Rönnow, stops at the house, Captain Jäger is delighted because the guest seems so charmed by Inger-Johanna. Mrs. Jäger is a sister of the governor, and Captain Rönnow tells the Jägers that he will petition the governor’s wife, with whom he is in favor, to take Inger-Johanna into their home for a year, so that she can learn the ways of society in the city.

The Fire-Gods
The Fire-Gods Sented by Cameron

Excerpt: ... canoe would rush towards one of these, as some swift beast of prey hurls itself upon its victim; and at the eleventh hour it would be whipped aside to go dancing, leaping on. The ravine was like one of the pits we read of in Dante's Inferno. Its walls were precipitous and white, glaring in the sunshine.

Danger at the Drawbridge
Danger at the Drawbridge Sented by Jacob

When the newspaper's society editor becomes ill, Penny gets to cover a society wedding at a mysterious old estate which is surrounded by a moat.

The Broken Road
The Broken Road Sented by Steve Bark

A gripping Raj novel of the Indian frontier that explores the sense of duty that drove successive generations of British men to sacrifice their lives for the goals of empire.

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