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Uller Uprising
Uller Uprising Sented by Rebecca

Uller Uprising is the foundation of Piper's Terro-Human Future History and the first book where we encounter the Terran Federation. The ranting's of a prophet and an street riot are seen as incidental and inconsequential

Walls of Acid
Walls of Acid Sented by Rebecca

Dr. Farnham had thought to help the world with his invention, instead he released a plague upon it.

The Answer
The Answer Sented by Luis

The Answer is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Mercenaries
The Mercenaries Sented by Rebecca

Henry Beam Piper (March 23, 1904 – c. November 6, 1964) was an American science fiction author.

Operation R.S.V.P.
Operation R.S.V.P. Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Henry Beam Piper (March 23, 1904 – c. November 6, 1964) was an American science fiction author.

Omnilingual Sented by Rebecca

"Omnilingual" is a science fiction short story by American writer H. Beam Piper.

Null-ABC Sented by Steve Bark

There's some reaction these days that holds scientists responsible for war.

Last Enemy
Last Enemy Sented by Emma

The last enemy was the toughest of all--and conquering him was in itself almost as dangerous as not conquering.

Naudsonce Sented by Rebecca

Short Story originally published in Analog (Jan 1962): The ever expanding Terro-Human Federation which makes first contact with the indigenous peoples of a new world, but for some reason the standard contact methods don't seem to be working.

Day of the Moron
Day of the Moron Sented by Sarah Gerdes

It's natural to trust the unproven word of the fellow who's "on my side"—but the emotional moron is on no one's side, not even his own

Four-Day Planet
Four-Day Planet Sented by Emma

On Fenris things are hot...at least during the 1,000 hour days, at night the cold will kill. The temp's also riding in the Tallow wax industry and it's near the boiling point.

Dearest Sented by Luis

Henry Beam Piper (23 March 1904 – ca. 06 November 1964) was an American science fiction author. He wrote many short stories and several novels. He is best known for his extensive Terro-Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of “Paratime” alternate history tales.

The Glory of Ippling
The Glory of Ippling Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The Glory of Ippling is presented here in a high quality paperback edition

John Jones's Dollar
John Jones's Dollar Sented by Sarah Gerdes

John Jones's Dollar is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

Cancer World
Cancer World Sented by Rebecca

Greg tried desperately to find an illegal method of joining his family on Mars; for the law said that no healthy man could land on a Cancer World.

The Ethical Engineer
The Ethical Engineer Sented by Jacob

Before becoming an editor, Harrison started in the science fiction field as an illustrator, notably with EC Comics' two science fiction comic books, Weird Fantasy and Weird Science. A large number of his early short stories were first published under house pseudonyms such as 'Wade Kaempfert'. Harrison also wrote for syndicated comic strips, creating the 'Rick Random' character.

The Repairman
The Repairman Sented by Rebecca

My boss leaned back, wiped his hands on his handkerchief and gave me Lecture Forty-four on Company Duty and My Troubles.

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