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Blood and Needles
Blood and Needles Sented by Luis

The last person 25-year-old junkie, Steven, expected to meet was Anna Marie, an alluring stranger who turns out to be a fellow junkie . . . and a vampire. Anna Marie senses an inner steel deep inside Steven, and offers him a membership in the seductive world of The Morphia Clan, a group of vampires as devoted to using narcotics as much as they are to drinking blood. Steven soon falls in love with Anna Marie, whose vampire throne is threatened from outside forces and from within. There are hidden dangers everywhere and treachery and betrayal lie just around every corner. Soon Steven finds himself not only in a fight to save his own life but also the life of the vampire he loves.

The Gathering Edge
The Gathering Edge Sented by Musa

The luck runs rough around Theo Waitley. Not only are people trying to kill her and capture the self-aware intelligent ship Bechimo to whom Theo is bonded, they're also trying to arrest her crew members, and throw the dignity of an important passenger, the duly-constituted norbear ambassador Hevelin, into question.

The Girl Who Ran
The Girl Who Ran Sented by Paul

Dr Maria Martinez has finally escaped The Project facility that has been controlling her since birth. But in going against The Project’s rigid protocol, the powers at the very top of the organisation will go to any length to re-initiate her. Their aim? To bring her back to the tightly-regimented headquarters where their intense ‘training ‘of Maria can be completed.

A Stranger in the House
A Stranger in the House Sented by Shon

In this neighborhood, danger lies close to home. A domestic thriller packed full of secrets, and a twisty story that never stops-from the bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

You Die When You Die
You Die When You Die Sented by Paul

You can't change your fate - so throw yourself into battle, because you'll either win or wake up drinking mead in the halls of your ancestors. That's what Finn's people believe.

The Spy Across the Table
The Spy Across the Table Sented by Musa

In this exciting international thriller featuring Japanese antiques art dealer and PI Jim Brodie, a double-murder at the Kennedy Center forces Brodie into a dangerous game of espionage-putting him in the crosshairs of the Chinese, North Korean, and American governments.

In the Shadow of the Rook
In the Shadow of the Rook Sented by Shon

The world is crumbling. And no one knows how to stop it. Eons ago, the Lastborn saved the world from complete destruction by his brother and fellow god, the Firstborn. Now, the world is set for the Lastborn's return, with his army of dead rising at the hands of necromancers.

This Love
This Love Sented by Shon

Sophie Winter lives in a self-imposed cocoon - she's a single, thirty-one year old translator who works from home in her one bedroom flat. This isn’t really the life she dreamed of, but then Sophie stopped believing in happy endings a very long time ago, when she was fifteen years old and tragedy struck her family. Her grief has left her scared of commitment and completely risk averse, so she plays it safe and keeps everyone at arm’s length. Sophie understands she has a problem, but recognising it and knowing how to fix it are two entirely different things.

Hollywood Hack Job
Hollywood Hack Job Sented by Luis

Three disparate and deranged tales featuring deluded narcissists, desperate wannabes, cunning fraudsters, lecherous vampires and sociopathic social climbers, in city where dreams are sold and nightmares are conjured.

The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life

In the Depression year of 1931, on the golf links at Krewe Island off Savannah's windswept shore, two legends of the game-Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen-meet for a mesmerizing thirty-six-hole showdown. Another golfer will also compete-a troubled local war hero, once a champion, who comes with his mentor and caddie, the mysterious Bagger Vance. It is Vance, sage and charismatic, who will ultimately guide the match, for he holds the secret of the Authentic Swing. And he alone can show his protege the way back to glory.

The Lost Time Probe
The Lost Time Probe Sented by Shon

Action-packed stories of encounters with mind-bending celestial time travelers and gateways to the stars! Something is buried deep under an ancient mansion! A celestial time traveler of colossal magnitude and origins! Astronauts enter a colossal mind-blowing gateway, with trillions of portals, and are chased throughout space and time by something hideous, created by the creators of the universe!

Ghosts in the Machine
Ghosts in the Machine Sented by Paul

The billionaire founder of an Internet empire is dead. No one can explain what killed him. Another tech industry titan is missing. No one can explain how he disappeared.

Fierce Kingdom
Fierce Kingdom Sented by Musa

The zoo is nearly empty as Joan and her four-year-old son soak up the last few moments of playtime. They are happy, and the day has been close to perfect. But what Joan sees as she hustles her son toward the exit gate minutes before closing time sends her sprinting back into the zoo, her child in her arms. And for the next three hours-the entire scope of the novel-she keeps on running.

Changeling (Flash Fiction Month)

One month. Thirty-one stories. Fourteen challenges. These 31 very short stories range from strange to dark to inspirational to funny, from space faeries to prison breaks to dating sims, and from 55 to 1,000 words. Written entirely during July 2017 as a part of Flash Fiction Month.

Sketches of Life in Chile, 1841-1851

Writing under the pseudonym "Jotabeche," Jose Joaquin Vallejo wrote forty-one short articles on Chilean life and society in the early republic. Known for their caustic wit, his writings were an instant success when they were first published in Chilean magazines and newspapers. This volume presents these vivid essays for the first time in English.

The Outsider
The Outsider Sented by Luis

She never knew Lisa. But she is haunted by her death.

The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet Sented by Shon

The Maze Runner meets Scott Westerfeld in the final novel in the gripping and romantic Cage series, about teens abducted from Earth by an otherworldly race.

The Lucky Ones
The Lucky Ones Sented by Shon

It was the happiest day of her life. Little did she know it was also the last.

Moonlight Over Paris
Moonlight Over Paris Sented by Musa

USA Today and internationally bestselling author Jennifer Robson takes readers to 1920s Paris in an enthralling new historical novel that tells the riveting story of an English lady who trades in her staid aristocratic life for the mesmerizing salons and the heady world of the Lost Generation.

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