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How I Found Livingstone
How I Found Livingstone Sented by Jacob

Riveting firsthand account of the long and arduous search by journalist/adventurer for one of the great explorers of the 19th century.

The Yosemite
The Yosemite Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The Yosemite by John Muir. Illustrated Edition. John Muir (1838–1914) was a Scottish-born American naturalist, author, and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. John Muir was the first modern preservationist and founder of the Sierra Club.

Under Drake's Flag
Under Drake's Flag Sented by Jacob

"A book of adventure, where the hero meets with experience enough one would think to turn his hair gray."--Harper's Monthly Magazine.

The Young Lion Hunter
The Young Lion Hunter Sented by Jacob

Ken Ward, the hero of The Young Forester, and his younger brother spend an exciting summer hunting mountain lions in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Before the Dawn
Before the Dawn Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"Before the Dawn" from Joseph Alexander Altsheler. Editor and author of popular juvenile historical fiction (1862-1919).

Despoilers of the Golden Empire

A handful of men, and an incredible adventure--a few super-men, led by a fanatic, seeking to conquer a new world!

Moon of Israel
Moon of Israel Sented by Jacob

Never has Sir Rider Haggard touched a higher standard than in this mighty romance.

Under the Andes
Under the Andes Sented by Jacob

This early novel by Rex Stout follows two men and a woman on a vacation in the Andes . . . a vacation which takes them to a lost world beneath the mountains!

Doors of the Night
Doors of the Night Sented by Emma

There are twenty-six nail-biting chapters in this exciting novel from Frank L. Packard.

Heart of the World
Heart of the World Sented by Daniel

An extraordinarily beautiful Indian princess and a white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings.

The Border Watch
The Border Watch Sented by Jacob

Joseph Alexander Altsheler (April 29, 1862 – June 5, 1919) was an American newspaper reporter, editor and author of popular juvenile historical fiction. He was a prolific writer, and produced fifty-one novels and at least fifty-three short stories.

Don Rodriguez
Don Rodriguez Sented by Rebecca

A coming of age story set in the mythical "golden age" of Spain. The titular character is excluded from the inheritance of the family castle on the grounds that given his expertise with sword and mandolin he should be able to win his own estate and bride.

The Cruise of the Dazzler
The Cruise of the Dazzler Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Joe Bronson, dissatisfied with his dull life at school, runs away and joins the crew of a sloop he sees in San Francisco Bay. Only that very morning he had been a school-boy and now he was a sailor, shipped on the Dazzler and bound he knew not whither. His fifteen years increased to twenty at the thought of it and he felt every inch a man -- a sailorman at that. He wished Charley and Fred could see him now. Well, they would hear of it soon enough.

Baree, Son of Kazan
Baree, Son of Kazan Sented by Jacob

The story of the son of the blind Grey Wolf and the gallant part he played in the lives of a man and a woman.

The Destroyers
The Destroyers Sented by Christopher

Any war is made up of a horde of personal tragedies--but the greater picture is the tragedy of the death of a way of life. For a way of life--good, bad, or indifferent--exists because it is dearly loved....

Army Boys in the French Trenches
Army Boys in the French Trenches Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Army Boys in the French Trenches is a book about hand to hand fighting with the enemy in war. It was written by Homer Randall.

A Columbus of Space
A Columbus of Space Sented by Christopher

The hero of this tale of scientific wonder is called "A Columbus of Space" because he is the first to take advantage fo the power of "inter-atomic energy," which enables him to navigate the Ocean of Ether and sail to the shores of another world than ours.

Signal in the Dark
Signal in the Dark Sented by Sarah Gerdes

The Riverview Star is short-handed, and Penny convinces Mr. Parker to hire her during her school vacation. Penny finds the work difficult, especially because a jealous reporter makes trouble for her.

The Faith of Men
The Faith of Men Sented by Daniel

"The Faith of Men" is a short story collection originally published in 1904 and contains eight of Jack London's adventure tales, all of them set in London's favorite milieu -- the Yukon Territory. "

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