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The Underground City
The Underground City Sented by Emma

The Underground City, by Jules Verne, is a novel about the fortunes of a mining community at Aberfoyle which is near Stirling, Scotland. Miner James Starr, after receiving a letter from an old friend, leaves for the Aberfoyle mine.

The Son of Tarzan
The Son of Tarzan Sented by Daniel

The coming-of-age story of Korak, Tarzan's unruly teenage son. Like his father, Jack (his ape name is "Korak") has an attraction to the wild, and the story starts with his rejection of civilization for the African jungle.

The Call of the Canyon
The Call of the Canyon Sented by Jacob

Glenn Killbourne and his fiancee Carley Burch find a strange test of their love in the mountains and canyons of Arizona.

The Virginian
The Virginian Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Widely regarded as being the first American western novel, this loosely constructed story of a naturally aristocratic cowboy is set against the Johnson County War.

King Arthur and His Knights
King Arthur and His Knights Sented by Daniel

A collection of King Arthur's adventures. Following his ascent to King of Britain to his death. The powerful lords rode up in their clanking armor and entered the church. There were so many of them that they quite filled the nave and side-aisles of the building. The Archbishop looked at their stern bronzed faces, their heavy beards, their broad shoulders and their glittering armor and prayed God to make the best man in the land king.

Delver Magic III: Balance of Fate

Ryson Acumen finds that his time of service to the land of Uton is not yet complete. Together with Holli Brances and Lief Woodson, they must work together once more to end a growing threat and to meet their own undeniable destinies.

Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Jungle Tales of Tarzan Sented by Rebecca

12 short stories from Tarzan's youth, loosely interlinked, though each stands alone as a complete tale. These stories first appeared in Blue Book Magazine from September 1916 to August 1917 under the running title The New Stories of Tarzan.

Among Malay Pirates A Tale of Adventure and Peril

G. A . Henty was a prolific writer of historical fiction for young adults. In this collection of shorter stories we visit Malay pirates, have a couple of tales of India, a shipwreck off the Channel Islands and a bursting dam in California, and finish off escaping from captivity in China.

The Border Legion
The Border Legion Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Jack Kells was a remorseless killer, head of a gang that ravaged the southern border. He didn't think twice before he kidnapped pretty Joan Randle on a lonesome Idaho trail. His cold eyes filled her with fear, but her goodness made something happen deep within him. Bad as he was, he knew he had to keep Joan safe from desperados far worse than he. Kells had a price on his head and on his heels. Now loving this woman could cost him his life...or it could make him a hero in this wild, dangerous land.

Jeanne d'Arc Her Life and Death
Jeanne d'Arc Her Life and Death Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Margaret Oliphant was a 19th century Scottish writer of historical fiction and supernatural tales. Oliphant was a very prolific author, having written over 100 books throughout her career.

Loss Of Reason
Loss Of Reason Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. Banker, wife, mother, Cynthia lives in New York. The military has quarantined the city, its bridges and tunnels destroyed or blocked. Easterly winds have forced the bomb's radiation cloud out over Long Island. But the wind is about to change.

''Over There'' with the Australians

I also have the hope that the stories of personal experience will make real to you some of the men whose bodies have been for three years part of that human rampart that has kept your homes from desolation, and your daughters from violation, and that you will speed in sending them succor as though the barrier had broken and the bestial Hun were even now, with lust dominant, smashing at your own door.

The Curse of Capistrano
The Curse of Capistrano Sented by Emma

The first work to feature Zorro, nobleman and master swordsman living in Spanish- and Mexican-era California. This novel originally appeared as five serialized installments in the pulp magazine All-Story Weekly.

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