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David and the Phoenix
David and the Phoenix Sented by Sarah Gerdes

David and his new friend, the Phoenix, fly to various adventures and misadventures with mythical beings and an ill-intentioned scientist, until the Phoenix realizes that its destiny calls.

Tarzan the Untamed
Tarzan the Untamed Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"Tarzan the Untamed" by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre.

Captains Courageous
Captains Courageous Sented by Rebecca

At the start of Captains Courageous, one of literature's most beloved stories of the sea, a spoiled rich boy is literally swept away — dashed overboard from an ocean liner. Luckily, young Harvey Cheyne is rescued by a passing fishing vessel.

The Adventures of Ulysses
The Adventures of Ulysses Sented by Rebecca

The legendary adventures of the Greek king’s epic journey come to life in a modern retelling of The Odyssey that’s “an unmitigated delight” (School Library Journal).

Space Platform
Space Platform Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Reach for the Stars: We now accept space travel as a reality, but what of a city in space, built on an ever suspended platform?

Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar

Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar #5 In the previous novel Tarzan and Jane's son, Jack Clayton, a.k.a. Korak, had come into his own. In this novel Tarzan returns to Opar, the source of the gold where a lost colony of fabled Atlantis is located, in order to make good on some financial reverses he has recently suffered.

Sailing Alone Around the World
Sailing Alone Around the World Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"The classic of its kind." —Travel World "One of the most readable books in the whole library of adventure." —Sports Illustrated "The finest single-handed adventure story yet written." —Seafarer

Adrift in the Wilds
Adrift in the Wilds Sented by Jacob

About the Book The action and adventure genre in fiction depicts events or a series of events that happen outside the ordinary course of the protagonist's daily life, generally accompanied by dangerous episodes and physical action. Adventure stories are quick moving, with the pace of the plot being a critical component of mood setting. Action and adventure have been common book themes since the earliest days of fiction writing. In fact, the plots of Medieval romances were comprised of a series of adventures. Action / adventure fiction often overlaps with other genres, such as: war novels, crime novels, sea stories, Robinsonades, and spy stories.

The Camp Fire Girls in the Outside World

Walking slowly down a broad stairway, a girl carried three old silver candlesticks in her hands. And although the hallway was in semi-darkness, the candles had not yet been lighted.

Affair in Araby
Affair in Araby Sented by Steve Bark

James Schuyler Grim, better known as "Jimgrim," is employed by the British secret service and stationed in Jerusalem, matching wits and weapons with the French financed conspirators out to destabilize Syrian King with a forged order to massacre the Jews of Jerusalem.

Black Bartlemy's Treasure
Black Bartlemy's Treasure Sented by Emma

Martin Conisby, embittered by his five years of slavery on the Spanish galleon Esmeralda, escapes during a sea fight and makes his way back to England, determined to avenge himself on Richard Brandon, who was the cause of his father's death and his own ill-treatment.

Allan and the Holy Flower
Allan and the Holy Flower Sented by Jacob

"Almost from the outset of his career, Sir Rider Haggard has made use of Allan Quatermain both as a hero, and as a chronicler. He took part in his earliest stories, and he is taking part in his latest... As a middle-aged man, he recounts the happenings of a dangerous expedition into the heart of Africa in search of an orchid of wondrous beauty... More is at stake during the progress of the story than the quest of the marvelous orchid. It appears some time after the tale is well under way that the custodian of this sacred floral god of the Pongos is a white woman, and that she may be the vanished wife of John Eversley.

Second Variety
Second Variety Sented by Jacob

The claws were bad enough in the first place—nasty, crawling little death-robots. But when they began to imitate their creators, it was time for the human race to make peace—if it could!

The Ward of King Canute
The Ward of King Canute Sented by Christopher

Few young writers have been so exceptionally successful as Miss Liljencrantz in obtaining the elusive quality called "atmosphere," as is essential in a romance such as this one.

Jack Haydon's Quest
Jack Haydon's Quest Sented by Jacob

Burmah is the scene of the quest of Jack Haydon, prefect of Rushmere School and captain of the first fifteen.

The Underground City
The Underground City Sented by Emma

The Underground City, by Jules Verne, is a novel about the fortunes of a mining community at Aberfoyle which is near Stirling, Scotland. Miner James Starr, after receiving a letter from an old friend, leaves for the Aberfoyle mine.

The Son of Tarzan
The Son of Tarzan Sented by Daniel

The coming-of-age story of Korak, Tarzan's unruly teenage son. Like his father, Jack (his ape name is "Korak") has an attraction to the wild, and the story starts with his rejection of civilization for the African jungle.

The Call of the Canyon
The Call of the Canyon Sented by Jacob

Glenn Killbourne and his fiancee Carley Burch find a strange test of their love in the mountains and canyons of Arizona.

The Virginian
The Virginian Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Widely regarded as being the first American western novel, this loosely constructed story of a naturally aristocratic cowboy is set against the Johnson County War.

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