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The Young Marvel
The Young Marvel Sented by Daniel

Young English immigrant Gabrielle Fox comes to the marvellous Melbourne of the 1870s as a third class passenger, falling in love with a first class girl against the social conventions of the time.

The Recruit
The Recruit Sented by Jacob

Hannah Torrington lives a perfectly normal and ordinary life until the night her sister is murdered by vampires.

The Plan
The Plan Sented by Christopher

With the euphoria of the American elections past and the world struggling to come to grips with the financial panic that seem about to overwhelm it Pat O'Connelly returns to dublin. The contrast between the city's bleak landscape and the bright skies of Miami could not have been starker. As his taxi made its way through the city centre, the Christmas lights, which still decorated the streets, gave off a strange glare in the early evening fog.

Tandav Sented by Musa

Tandav is a sad story of unspoken love between two men, Kevin, a successful and rich structural engineer, and Patrick, a financially strapped HIV positive dancer in recovery. Kevin is uncomfortable living with his wife, Annie, without knowing why. He seeks divorce and loses custody of his daughter, Kimberley, age 12.

Summer Daze
Summer Daze Sented by Steve Bark

Summer… when hot days, steamy nights, surf, sand and sizzle make that first flush of new love feel dreamlike.

The Mafia King & Me
The Mafia King & Me Sented by Christopher

Zekhethelo is a 24-year-old car mechanic coming from a loving and supportive family. She lives a normal life but that changes as soon as a Mafia King knocks on her door...

Spring Fling
Spring Fling Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Spring ... It’s a time of renewal and growth. A time to shake off the winter doldrums and let the sunshine in. A time to ditch the old and welcome the new. A time when things blossom and bloom — often when we least expect it.

Sleeping With Your Best Friend

"LOVED IT! I really enjoyed it! It's such an easy to read, it just flows. Rosa has a great style that pulled me in immediately, I couldn't stop reading which is usually not the case with many books out there. She is very cheeky as well which I enjoy. I really enjoyed the story, and loved the main character Lori. Everyone will be able to relate to her friendship with her best friend, I think we've all been there with that one narcissistic friend! Rosa nailed it with the writing style and the story! I can't wait for her new full length novel 'Natalie's Getting Married.' Bravo!" Sonia Farnsworth (author)

The Hasegawa Garden
The Hasegawa Garden Sented by Musa

When two 13-year old girls are raped and murdered in Okinawa, a Washington based magazine ‘The Herald’ decides to cover the story because American airmen from Kadena air base are suspected of involvement.

The Bestseller's Bed
The Bestseller's Bed Sented by Rebecca

The Bestseller’s Bed comprises the journey of Cali Macy, a bestselling author whose much older husband, Matt, dies suddenly in a car accident. Devastated, Cali tries valiantly to pick up the pieces of her life and career in the wake of what seems an insurmountable loss.

Searching for the Truth - A Screenplay in Three Acts

This love story is aimed at helping readers broaden their thinking about guardian angels and eternal love connections. It describes near-death experiences (NDEs) as well as after-death communications (ADCs) as part of the tale, which is written as an engaging screenplay, set in three acts.

The Lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol Sented by Emma

Famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon answers an unexpected summons to appear at the U.S. Capitol Building. His plans are interrupted when a disturbing object—artfully encoded with five symbols—is discovered in the building. Langdon recognizes in the find an ancient invitation into a lost world of esoteric, potentially dangerous wisdom.

Red Moon
Red Moon Sented by Luis

Survival is paramount. For humans and paranormals.

Priorities Sented by Luis

Priorities: Carrie and Rita are looking for love in all the right places with their sights set on very athletic men Rita calls cash cows.

Tender Echoes
Tender Echoes Sented by Steve Bark

Alexis is an independent, strong-willed keyboard prodigy who balances the scales of justice with her white-hat skills. After a friend is attacked, she sends anonymous tips to a homicide detective who is hard-wired for the law.

Priorities 2
Priorities 2 Sented by Emma

The sequel to Priorities. Rita's priorities are different from Carrie's when it comes to love. See where her adventure takes her!

Tempted Sented by Steve Bark

Lucy Reid has always prided herself on her self-control, and her ability to keep her emotions and desires in check. The arrival of her new boss, Jason Young, has her co-workers competing to see who can bed him first. Lucy refuses to admit her own attraction to him, and his rude behavior towards her only strengthens her resolve to ignore her growing attraction.

Origin: A Novel
Origin: A Novel Sented by Musa

Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” The evening’s host is Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist, and one of Langdon’s first students.

The Prince
The Prince Sented by Musa

The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise by the Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli. From correspondence a version appears to have been distributed in 1513, using a Latin title, De Principatibus (About Principalities). However, the printed version was not published until 1532, five years after Machiavelli's death.

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