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World of the Drone
World of the Drone Sented by Musa

Leopold Classic Library is delighted to publish this classic book as part of our extensive collection. As part of our on-going commitment to delivering value to the reader, we have also provided you with a link to a website, where you may download a digital version of this work for free. Many of the books in our collection have been out of print for decades, and therefore have not been accessible to the general public.

Perchance to Dream
Perchance to Dream Sented by Musa

Perchance to Dream is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

A Bottle of Old Wine
A Bottle of Old Wine Sented by Musa

A Bottle of Old Wine is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Richard O.

Big Pill
Big Pill Sented by Emma

Child, it was, of the now ancient H-bomb. New. Untested. Would its terrible power sweep the stark Saturnian moon of Titan from space ... or miraculously create a flourishing paradise-colony?

The Memory of Mars
The Memory of Mars Sented by Emma

"As soon as I'm well we'll go to Mars for a vacation again," Alice would say. But now she was dead, and the surgeons said she was not even human. In his misery, Hastings knew two things: he loved his wife; but they had never been off Earth

The Great Grey Plague
The Great Grey Plague Sented by Steve Bark

"There's a disease in our times. A cultural disease you might call the Great Gray Plague. It is a disease which premises that safety, security, and effectiveness in dealing with the world may be obtained by agreement with the highest existing Authority.

Human Error
Human Error Sented by Steve Bark

In the near future from a 1950’s perspective, the first space station, in orbit around the Earth, gets knocked out of orbit due to pilot miscalculation. The subsequent disaster, with shuttle and space station crash landing near San Francisco, creates a public furor calling for the end of the space program. General Oglethorpe, the earth side base commander in charge of the space program, recruits Dr. Paul Medick, an expert in psychology and psychometrics, to head a new project: to eliminate human error. Oglethorpe is certain that men can be made to be more mechanical, operating with the same reliability of the machines which they operate.

Code Three
Code Three Sented by Emma

Rick Raphael (1919-1994) was a US writer and journalist who began publishing sci-fi with "A Filbert is a Nut" for Astounding in November 1959 and established a considerable reputation in the field with a comparatively small output of about ten stories, most of them assembled in The Thirst Quenchers (coll 1965) and Code Three (fixup 1966).

The Six Fingers of Time
The Six Fingers of Time Sented by Musa

He began by breaking things that morning. He broke the glass of water on his night stand. He knocked it crazily against the opposite wall and shattered it. Yet it shattered slowly. This would have surprised him if he had been fully awake, for he had only reached out sleepily for it. Nor had he wakened regularly to his alarm; he had wakened to a weird, slow, low booming, yet the clock said six, time for the alarm.

The Unnecessary Man
The Unnecessary Man Sented by Steve Bark

Sometimes an organizational setup grows, sets its ways, and becomes so traditional that once-necessary jobs become unnecessary.

Quest of the Golden Ape
Quest of the Golden Ape Sented by Steve Bark

In a parallel universe, on the other side of the sun from the Earth, is planet Tarth, where the great wars are fought between its inhabitants.

Psichopath Sented by Emma

One way to hide an ex-officio agency of the United States Government was to label it truthfully -- The Society For Mystical And Metaphysical Research.

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