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The Very Secret Agent
The Very Secret Agent Sented by Emma

Poor Riuku! . . . Not being a member of the human race, how was he supposed to understand what goes on in a woman’s mind when the male of the same species didn’t even know?

The Planet Savers
The Planet Savers Sented by Sarah Gerdes

In The Planet Savers Marion Zimmer Bradley introduced the world to her amazing Darkover series. A disease threatens all of Darkover and the only man that can save Darkover has a multiple personality disorder.

Homo Inferior
Homo Inferior Sented by Paul

The world of the new race was peaceful, comfortable, lovely—and completely static. Only Eric knew the haunting loneliness that had carried the old race to the stars, and he couldn’t communicate it, even if he had dared to!

Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule Sented by Luis

At least he'd got far enough to wind up with a personal interview. It's one thing doing up an application and seeing it go onto an endless tape and be fed into the maw of a machine and then to receive, in a matter of moments, a neatly printed rejection.

Off Course
Off Course Sented by Rebecca

First on the scene were Larry Dermott and Tim Casey of the State Highway Patrol. They assumed they were witnessing the crash of a new type of Air Force plane and slipped and skidded desperately across the field to within thirty feet of the strange craft, only to discover that the landing had been made without accident.

Probability Sented by Steve Bark

If you ever get to drinking beer in your favorite saloon and meet a scared little guy who wants to buy you the joint, supply you with fur coats and dolls and run you for Congress—listen well!

Let 'em Breathe Space!
Let 'em Breathe Space! Sented by Emma

Eighteen men and two women in the closed world of a space ship for five months can only spell tension and trouble-but in this case, the atmosphere was literally poisoned.

One-Way Ticket to Nowhere
One-Way Ticket to Nowhere Sented by Musa

Leroy Yerxa was among the most prolific contributors to the Ziff-Davis magazines. He was twenty-seven years old when his first story, "Death Rides at Night," appeared under his own name in the August 1942 Amazing.

Exile from Space
Exile from Space Sented by Sarah Gerdes

"They" worried about the impression she'd make.

Lost in the Future
Lost in the Future Sented by Musa

Did you ever wonder what might happen if mankind ever exceeded the speed of light?

The Last Evolution
The Last Evolution Sented by Steve Bark

I am the last of my type existing today in all the Solar System. I, too, am the last existing who, in memory, sees the struggle for this System, and in memory I am still close to the Center of Rulers, for mine was the ruling type then.

The Golden Amazons of Venus
The Golden Amazons of Venus Sented by Steve Bark

Collectors Edition! Highly Recommended! Dakta death, horrible beyond the weirdest fever-dreams of Earth-men, faced Space Ship Commander Gerry Norton.

It Could Be Anything
It Could Be Anything Sented by Steve Bark

Keith Laumer was well-known for his science fiction action and adventure stories.

Cogito, Ergo Sum
Cogito, Ergo Sum Sented by Steve Bark

Cogito, Ergo Sum is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

The Issahar Artifacts
The Issahar Artifacts Sented by Steve Bark

Excerpt-I have decided after some thought, to write this journal

Zen Sented by Musa

The twenty-nine of us were E.T.I. Team 17, whose assignment was the asteroids. We were four years and three months out of Terra, and we'd reached Vesta right on schedule. Ten minutes after landing, we had known that the clod was part of the crust of Planet X -- or Sorn, to give it its right name -- one of the few such parts that hadn't been blown clean out of the Solar System.

The Draw
The Draw Sented by Steve Bark

Stories of the old West were filled with bad men who lived by the speed of their gun hand. Well, meet Buck Tarrant, who could outdraw them all. His secret: he didn't even have to reach for his weapon....

Planet of Dreams
Planet of Dreams Sented by Luis

He stood watching while George Atkinson spun around, dark eyes flashing, hair tousled. There was a two days' growth of beard darkening Atkinson's face. "Why, George," Loveral said, swiftly examining the litter of metal and wood which was spread over a table behind Atkinson. There was a home-made hammer in Atkinson's hand. "What have we here, George?" "Something for you," Atkinson said, tightening his fingers about the handle of the hammer. Loveral grinned his famous Loveral grin. "That's fine.

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