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Pressure Cooker Cookbook Over 50 Quick and Easy Recipes

Create the Most Delicious Recipes using a Pressure Cooker! Tasty One-Pot Recipes! Often prepared in one-third the time. The pressure cooker brings a real culinary capability to your kitchen skill repertoire. If you like one-pot meals, the pressure cooker is the right solution for you. The pressure cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen tools. The benefits of pressure cooking are numerous: Your food retains most of its valuable nutrients so your meals are healthier and better. Pressure cooker prepares your food quickly, with very little fat or water. Prepare main dishes and desserts with these pressure cooker recipes found in the Pressure Cooker Cookbook.

Pickles and Preserves (A Savor the South Cookbook)

Andrea Weigl defines the year by her canning sessions. In the winter, she makes bright yellow Jerusalem Artichoke Relish from her backyard crop. In the spring, she conjures up sweet red Strawberry Preserves. In the summer, it's savory Yellow Squash Pickles and peaches, pickled, brandied, or as a thick butter. And in the fall, she folds her Fig Preserves into a cake famous on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Today's revival of pickling and preserving, which became widely popular in the South only after the Civil War, when sugar was easier to obtain, is part of the booming interest in do-it-yourself kitchen craft, farmers' markets, and gardening. Blogs are devoted to canning, cooking schools offer classes, and canning jar manufacturers report surging sales. With complete, easy-to-follow instructions and troubleshooting tips, Pickles and Preserves highlights the regional flair that southern cooks bestow on this traditional art of survival in preserving the South's bountiful harvest. The fifty classic and inventive recipes-from Dilly Beans and Pickled Okra to Muscadine Jam and Habanero Gold Pepper Jelly-will have beginners and veterans alike rolling up their sleeves.

Peaches (A Savor the South Cookbook)

Whether you swear by peaches from Georgia or from South Carolina, there's no doubt that the fruit is sacred to southerners. From the moment the first mouthwatering Elberta variety was grafted in the 1870s, the peach has been an icon of summertime and a powerful symbol of the South's bounty. Peaches showcases the sweet richness of this signature fruit. Native Atlantan and award-winning food writer Kelly Alexander explores the fruit's history, offers advice for selecting, storing, and cooking, and reflects on the place of peaches in southern identity. Peaches includes forty-five recipes ranging from classic desserts to internationally inspired preparations. In this book, the desserts come first, and all the recipes-from The Best Peach Ice Cream and Roasted Peach-Basil Chicken to Pickled Peaches and Peach Clafoutis-will leave us certain that we should all dare to eat a peach, as often as we're able.

Okra (A Savor the South Cookbook)

Passionate okra lovers crave this bright green, heat-loving vegetable, whether fried, grilled, steamed, roasted, boiled, broiled, pickled, raw, whole, sliced, or julienned. With Okra, Virginia Willis provides "the key that unlocks the door of okra desire" to okra addicts and newcomers to the pod alike. Topping eight feet, with gorgeous butter-yellow flowers that ripen into the plant's signature seed-filled pods, okra has a long association with foodways in the American South. But as Willis shows, okra is also an important ingredient in cuisines across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Featuring gardening tips, a discussion of heirloom varieties, and expert cooking directions (including a list of "top ten slime-busting tips"), Okra brilliantly showcases fifty delectable recipes: twenty-six southern dishes, ranging from Southern-Style Fried Okra to Gulf Coast Seafood Gumbo, and twenty-four authentic global dishes, from Moroccan Lamb and Okra Tagine with Preserved Lemons to Cuban Pork with Yellow Rice, Okra, and Annatto Oil.

Nutella Lovers Cookbook Over 50 Recipes to Fulfill Your Passion

Who doesn't love Nutella? Straight from the jar or in over 50 delicious recipes, you can't go wrong. Nutella is a decadent mix of hazelnut butter and chocolate that can be eaten on toast, in cheesecakes, cookies, pumpkin pies, breads, fudge, hot chocolate, empanadas, brownies, popsicles and more. So if you don't want to just eat it straight from the jar, try one of the more than 50 nutellacious recipes you will find in the Nutella Lover's Cookbook.

It's Not My Fault 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Tennis Player Should Know

In It's Not My Fault, author Joshua Shifrin helps tennis players make sense of their most monumental losses on the court. The next time a player goes down in defeat, he or she can always explain the woeful loss with "My opponent was a pusher . . . I can't play against pushers." Or after a bad shot, tennis gurus might try to get out of dodge by uttering, "There was a leaf on the court and I couldn't concentrate." Shifrin has crafted 150 funny--but all-too-real--excuses for pros and amateurs alike. Examples include: My opponent's grunting is distracting. My strings are too tight. I have tennis elbow. These tennis balls are too slow. Any many more! Whether you want to motivate your friends or family who have just started playing or eradicate embarrassing mistakes in your own game, It's Not My Fault is a must-read. Complete with laugh-out-loud cartoons, this book makes for the perfect gift.

The Dream Team of 1947
The Dream Team of 1947 Sented by Musa

Every once in a while something happens in the world of sports that reminds us all why we care about such things. This book is the remarkable, untold story of the greatest team you've never heard of, the wrestling team of Cornell College, a private Methodist liberal arts college with only 415 male students, which won the NCAA wrestling championship in 1947, defeating all the major powers by a substantial margin. This tiny Iowa college thus became the first school outside of the state of Oklahoma ever to win the team championship since teams were officially recognized by the NCAA; no other private school before or since has done so. Not only that, but with the help of the town of Mount Vernon, and a fund-raising drive, the champions traveled to San Francisco and won the equally prestigious National AAU championship two weeks later, thus completing the "grand slam" of amateur wrestling. The story is informed by the Great Depression and World War II, as well as the GI Bill, which leveled the playing field for several years after the war. It involves a coach direct from central casting, a nurturing small college, three freshmen superstars from the same Iowa high school, and five service veterans, all of whom bonded as a team to defeat all comers. Were it not for a serious car crash the following year that injured two of its stars, there is no telling how much more the team might have achieved. The Dream Team of 1947 is a classic David and Goliath story that transcends the sport.

Yacht Were You Thinking An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad

Naming a boat is as personal as naming a baby (even if few male skippers would risk telling the wife that). The culmination of many years of dreaming and penny pinching, the purchase of a boat of any size is a huge event for any sailor, and with that comes serious naming pressure. Many boatowners have a secret fear that someone else got their brilliantly original name first - or ruined it forever by reducing its reputation to snigger-worthy opprobrium. Sometimes it's so difficult to name a boat that skippers are desperate enough to ask the sorts of people who think Boaty McBoatface would be a good choice... The perfect gift for any skipper or would-be skipper, and featuring hundreds of common and uncommon names, this entertaining little book will answer perhaps the most important question new owners should ask themselves: what will this name say about me? And as everyone knows, once you've named a boat, you never ever change it, so it also answers the question: what is my boat name saying about me right now? Names will be categorised (and listed alphabetically within these chapters) as to: Populist (helpfully yacht insurers release ranked lists of popular names each year, which has revealed some very interesting trends) Don't Even Go There (they might be uncommon these days, but sometimes there's a good reason for that) Pun Intended (some reveal a classic wit, others reveal just how many desperate unfunny dullards there are sailing around in yachts called Seas the Day) A Bit of Pedigree (good names - but probably too classy for you to get away with copying them) Common as Muck (bad names - Moondancer, Wave Catcher and others that sound like names from a bad children's novel: where they come from, why they're bad, and how to avoid inventing another) Too Much Information (why using a boat to celebrate a bonus/retirement/divorce/second wife tends to be a bad idea a few months down the road) The Devil's Own (don't tempt fate by calling your boat Invincible, as the Royal Navy did each time the last one sank/exploded - plus other superstition-violating names) With fascinating history, a fair bit of psychology and a lot of humour, this is the essential guide for all would-be boat owners, and anyone looking for a dad-type gift on Father's Day or Christmas.

The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino Understanding the Roman Games

The Roman emperor Commodus wanted to kill a rhinoceros with a bow and arrow, and he wanted to do it in the Colosseum. Commodus's passion for hunting animals was so fervent that he dreamt of shooting a tiger, an elephant, and a hippopotamus; his prowess was such that people claimed he never missed when hurling his javelin or firing arrows from his bow. For fourteen days near the end of AD 192, the emperor mounted one of the most lavish and spectacular gladiatorial games Rome had ever seen. Commodus himself was the star attraction, and people rushed from all over Italy to witness the spectacle. But this slaughter was simply the warm-up act to the main event: the emperor was also planning to fight as a gladiator. Why did Roman rulers spend vast resources on such over-the-top displays-and why did some emperors appear in them as combatants? Why did the Roman rabble enjoy watching the slaughter of animals and the sight of men fighting to the death? And how best can we in the modern world understand what was truly at stake in the circus and the arena? In The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino, Jerry Toner set out to answer these questions by vividly describing what it would have been like to attend Commodus' fantastic shows and watch one of his many appearances as both hunter and fighter. Highlighting the massive logistical effort needed to supply the games with animals, performers, and criminals for execution, the book reveals how blood and gore were actually incidental to what really mattered. Gladiatorial games played a key role in establishing a forum for political debate between the rulers and the ruled. Roman crowds were not passive: they were made up of sophisticated consumers with their own political aims, which they used the games to secure. In addition, the games also served as a pure expression of what it meant to be a true Roman. Drawing on notions of personal honor, manly vigor, and sophisticated craftsmanship, the games were a story that the Romans loved to tell themselves about themselves.

Sports on the Couch
Sports on the Couch Sented by Musa

Bringing together concepts from psychoanalysis with an attentive eye and A. Rubinstein popular wisdom, Sports on the Couch explores the psychology of athletes and those around them. As a product of our culture, sport enables a break for our minds, since it allows us to disconnect from internal as well as external realities. We immerse ourselves in the world of play, managing to let out tensions and liberate a great deal of aggression in a socially acceptable way. "This new collection of ideas by Ricardo Rubinstein opens a new and original field of reflection. Western culture, from its Graeco-Roman origins, has loved, valued and protected the tournament, the competition, and the desire to overcome physical and mental challenges. This book, written by a lover of sport, reveals new horizons of unpredictable partnership and development. The author has deep understanding of the levels of the psyche, tensions, traumas, fantasies and conflicts that sports bring into play. This book is indispensable and wonderfully enriching for those who have the joy of participating in one way or another in the universal game of sport." - Dr. Andres Sergio Rascovsky, psychoanalyst, and former present of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association "This book takes us on an impeccable and profound tour of all aspects of the sport phenomenon, with a psychoanalytic perspective that deals with scientific aspects, but also considers their psychological and emotional implications. And the author explains all this in simple and direct language in order to make it accessible to the general public. For this reason, it is highly recommended to all those readers who want to delve into the soul of the sport world from an original and thrilling perspective." - Horacio Pagani, TV, radio and newspaper journalist

Marine Knots How to Tie 40 Essential Knots

Learn to master dozens of knots essential for boating and all water activities with this innovative illustrated guide. Packed with helpful step-by-step instructions and beautifully detailed illustrations, Marine Knots includes forty different knots every water sportsperson-including sailors, motor boat enthusiasts, waterskiers, paddle boarders, kayakers, canoers, and more need to practice their craft or hobby safely and confidently. With Marine Knots, you'll learn how to tie a variety of common knots, including: Stopper Knots Hitch Knots Lashing Knots Eyes or Closed Loops Bend Knots Longitudinal Tension Knots Whipping Knots Symbolic Knots For everyone who loves spending time on the water, Marine Knots is a reliable, invaluable guide-and the perfect accessory for popular water activities.

The Long-Drive Bible How You Can Hit the Ball Longer, Straighter, and More Consistently

Sean "The Beast" Fister is the winner of numerous World Long Drive Championships and holds the record for the longest carry in the world finals at a whopping 393 yards. Now Fister has taken all the winning tips and techniques he has learned over the years and organized them in this book so that you too can drive better and more consistently. With Fister's Ten Commandments of Distance, you'll bring out the beast in your golf game!

Encyclopedia of Football Medicine, Volume 1 Trauma and Medical Emergencies

Authored by renowned UEFA medical specialists in the medical care of football players, this three-volume series-sourced from the course materials used in UEFA's Doctor Education Program-aims to familiarize clinicians with a structured system of assessment and care in dealing with the wide variety of injuries that can afflict professional footballers. Volume 1 instructs on advanced techniques for managing the treatment of serious and life-threatening on-field injury. Key Topics of Volume 1: - Initial assessment - Cardiac arrest and choking - Medical emergencies - Head injuries and concussion - General management The Encyclopedia of Football Medicine will be essential reading for physicians working for football teams, orthopaedists, sports medicine physicians, and specialized physical therapists.

Cuba Loves Baseball A Photographic Journey

According to the New York Times, Cuba is at an historic turning point. As Cuba catches up with political and economic changes, baseball will inevitably catch up and change as well. In Cuba Loves Baseball, photographer Ira Block, who has spent the past three years photographing the culture of Cuba through baseball, has assembled more than one hundred images of baseball players of all ages. In doing so, Block helps to preserve baseball's enduring presence in Cuba. The colorful photos cover everything from grass roots baseball to the pro teams, from portraits of old-timers to children playing baseball in the streets, and from exuberant fans at stadiums to vendors selling traditional food before the games. Cuba Loves Baseball incorporates sport with culture in a country that has been "closed" for so many years. It makes the perfect gift for sports fans, people interested in Cuba and travel, men and women who played baseball as children in cities or rural areas, and parents who have children playing baseball now.

Ali on Ali Why He Said What He Said When He Said It

Muhammad Ali was a champion, a poet, a prophet. Sports Illustrated called him "the greatest athlete of the twentieth century." And yet he was even more than all of that, "a whole greater than the sum of its parts . . . bigger, brighter, more original and influential than just about anyone of his era" (Barack Obama). He got there with his fists, with his actions, and above all, with his words. Compiled and written by his daughter Hana Ali, with sportswriter Danny Peary, Ali on Ali brings together a remarkable mix of Ali's 70 most humorous, poignant, inspirational, political, and philosophical quotes, all with their origins. Here's Ali's enduring boast, "I am the greatest!"-and how it was inspired by professional wrestler Gorgeous George. The story behind one of the most memorably poetic lines of the century-"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." The heard-round-the-world defiance of "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong," and its moving context. And the stories behind quotes ranging from outrage-"We been in jail for 400 years," to inspiration-"I hated every minute of training, but I said 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion,'" to that infectious combination of humor and bravado-"If you even dream of beating me you better wake up and apologize." Included are powerful photographs throughout, from iconic fight scenes to never-before-seen Ali family snapshots; quotes about Ali, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Billy Crystal; a career timeline; and a personal introduction by Hana Ali.

Delicious Casserole Recipes: 30 Casserole Dishes All in One Cookbook

You can't go wrong with a casserole dish! Casserole recipes make for the perfect meal to share with your loved ones. Using only few ingredients, you can now learn how to prepare delicious casseroles everyone will enjoy. Embrace the quick and easy lifestyle and see how easy it is to make healthy meals for your family and guests. The combination of ingredients and flavors will honor your culinary skills for sure! Grab this cookbook today and get ready to cook some amazing dishes.

The Nuts Cookbook: 30 Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Recipes That You'll Go Nuts For!

I’ve been called nuts before, and I am completely proud of that fact! Being nuts is the spice of life! And so is eating nuts! I love the diversity of nuts and have showcased that by incorporating into this cookbook 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, and 1 dessert recipe for each of our 10 featured nuts. While nuts are not low in calories, they are a great source of the ‘good fats’ that we hear so much about. While most of us are ‘watching our weight,’ we do need fats in our diet. Nuts have to be my favorite source of fat. We’ve taken 10 of the world’s most popular nuts; almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts, and come up with just 3 amazing dishes for each. These dishes are only that start of an incredible nutty journey that you can go on once the world of nuts has been opened up to you! As an almond fan, you may be interested in Almond Breakfast Sweet Potatoes. If Brazil nuts are your favorite, you’ll be dancing the samba with our Spicy Brazil Nut Chocolate Tart. Cashews may be your thing, so why not grab a Cashew Caramel Espresso Smoothie on the go when you’re rushing out in the morning? When it’s that time of year and chestnuts are abundant, try our hearty Chestnut Roast. If you can hear the world hazelnut and not immediately think of Nutella, I applaud you because I can’t! That’s why we have included the Best of Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake. For macadamia fans, Macadamia Mud Pies are sure to be a hit. If your favorite nut (or legume, I know!) is the peanut-like me, then you’ll be dying to try Thai Peanut Stir Fry. Pecan lovers, why not try a delicious Baked Apple for a winter snack? Those who love pistachios and have a super sweet tooth will not be able to get enough of our Baklava. And if walnuts are your nut of choice, you will not be disappointed by baked Apple & Walnut Cheesecake. So, if the sound of this delicious food is sending you nuts already, let’s get to the kitchen and go nuts!

Good Housekeeping Everyday Vegan: 85+ Plant-Based Recipes (Good Food Guaranteed)

Delicious, nutritious . . . and vegan! For serious vegans or those interested in giving veganism a try, Good Housekeeping offers 85 scrumptious recipes incorporating plant-based proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. From Mushroom-Quinoa Burgers to Three-Bean Sweet Potato Chili and Soba Noodles with Grilled Tofu, these delicious vegan breakfasts, main dishes, soups, and snacks make it so easy and yummy to eat dairy- and meat-free. Both longtime and newly dedicated vegans will enjoy these Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen-approved recipes, along with helpful information on how to shop for vegan foods. Recipes include: Bulgur & Cashew-Stuffed Eggplant * Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup * Creamy Vegan Linguine with Wild Mushrooms * Crispy Potatoes with Vegan Nacho Sauce * Grilled Asparagus and Shitake Tacos * Moroccan Couscous Stew * and much more!

Pakistani Cooking: A Cookbook for Beginner's Paperback – May 3, 2018

This highly acclaimed and comprehensive Pakistani cookbook is perfect for beginner's living in the West to experience the unique and mouthwatering flavors of authentic Pakistani recipes. Throughout the pages of this Pakistani cookbook, new and experienced chefs alike will learn how to cook authentic Pakistani recipes such as: Almond Meatballs Pakistani Potato Cakes Pakistani Dynamite Chicken Pakistani Methi Chicken Authentic Haleem Besan Ladoo Pakistani Samosas Seekh Kebabs and even more! So, why are you hesitating?

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