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Herbs for Flavor, Health, and Natural Beauty

Tantalize your tastebuds and naturally enhance your beauty with fresh herbs! Featuring gorgeous photography, this one-of-a-kind guide is a carefully cultivated collection of beauty and healing secrets, space-saving herb garden ideas, and recipes for delectable herb-inspired dishes. Discover the wide variety of delicious, healthy, and beautiful ways to use herbs in your kitchen--from familiar flavors like basil and thyme to new favorites like burnet and tarragon.

Foiled!: Easy, Tasty Tin Foil Meals

No-fail, no-fuss foil dinners: tasty meals-inside or outside-with none of the cleanup! Impress your family and friends like never before with easy-to-make, delicious tin foil meals. This book has everything you need to create unforgettable dishes for every meal of the day. Cook the tin foil meals on your grill or on hot coals, or simply bake them in your oven for that camping flavor without the smoke and mess! Enjoy the following: Maple Bacon Rolls Stuffed Peppers Coconut Lime Halibut Rosemary Potatoes Pound Cake and Berries Packed with tips and tricks to make the best tin foil meals ever, this is the perfect guide for every family.

Tempting Chocolate Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Choco-licious Ideas!

Do you love chocolate? You probably think you need to spend hours online, looking for authentic chocolate dessert and snack recipes. But you don't! People once ate chocolate mainly for its stimulatory properties. They believed that it increased energy and added more zest for life. Now, most people eat chocolate for that fix that nothing else can replace. Oh, and it tastes insanely good. People in North America eat around 12 pounds of chocolate each year. It even beats out other types of candy. It's used in desserts and it makes wonderful candies, too. About 70% of all chocolate consumed is eaten between typical meal times. Would you like to learn to integrate chocolate into your dessert recipes at home? If so, you've come to the right place. This cookbook has all kinds of chocolate ideas for you. The most important thing is using your taste buds when you buy chocolate to use in recipes. The higher the quality, the better your recipes will turn out. Select the best tasting, best-made chocolate and the desserts you create will perfectly hit the spot. The chocolate you use should have a creamy, smooth texture and almost melt in your mouth. Your friends will love to visit you and taste your sweet chocolate treats. Start learning how to create them today!

Journey Into Yin Yoga
Journey Into Yin Yoga Sented by Shon

Take time to decompress. Relieve stress. Reduce anxiety. Face the challenges and joys of life with steadiness and grace. That is what A Journey Into Yin Yoga will help you do. Join world-renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot as he guides you through this contemporary and effective approach for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. You will learn about the origins and practice of yin yoga, a passive approach in which poses are held for a few minutes to target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. You will slowly and mindfully transition between poses as you gently allow those tissues to stretch, facilitating better circulation and joint health and improving flexibility. Throughout, you will learn the benefits, contraindications, alignment points, and modifications so you can adjust the poses to your needs and body type. Eliot also explains eight breathing techniques and eight meditation practices for improved focus, reduced stress, and enhanced clarity. Ten ready-to-use sequences allow you to target specific goals, including better sleep, spine flexibility, and healthy hips, knees, and shoulders. A Journey Into Yin Yoga presents over 50 yin yoga poses with stunning photos and detailed instruction, along with inspiring quotes, stories, and interviews from celebrities, doctors, and athletes. You will be inspired to discover your unique path to improved mental and physical strength and balance. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. A Journey Into Yin Yoga Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the A Journey Into Yin Yoga With CE Exam package, which includes both the book and the exam.

The Freds at Barneys New York Cookbook

Barneys New York, with its flagship store on Madison Avenue, is a world-famous cutting-edge fashion destination, and a true New York phenomenon. And since 1996, Barneys' restaurant Freds at Barneys New York--named after found Barneys Pressman's son Fred--has been offering in food what Barneys offers in fashion: a luxury destination that provides a level of personal service second to none, where the food keeps their celebrity clientele coming back for more.

Sunday Best Dishes: A Cookbook for Passionate Cooks

Sunday is the day we relax, worship, cheer on our team, picnic, and generally share time together. Cooking is an excellent way to unwind; a passionate hobby with results that are deliciously shared with friends and family. Combining the two thoughts, Sundays are the best day to have fun in the kitchen.

Robata: Japanese Home Grilling
Robata: Japanese Home Grilling Sented by Michael

Robata means 'fireside cooking', taking its name from the charcoal grill commonly used in Japan to cook skewers of fish, shellfish, meal and seasonal vegetables, which has a unique impact on flavour. This beautifully-illustrated book introduces you to the art of this Japanese cuisine and teaches you how to cook this way in your own home, whether cooking on an authentic robata grill, your own barbecue or your oven grill. Choose from classic yakitori (chicken cooked on skewers), traditional Japanese fish robata dishes such as Miso Black Cod or a wonderful selection of vegetarian robata dishes. Then choose from the incredible selection of traditional side dishes, pickles and salads to accompany your robata, in this comprehensive cookbook of Japanese slow grilling recipes.

Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds

Longthroat Memoirs presents a sumptuous menu of essays about Nigerian food, lovingly presented by the nation's top epicurean writer. As well as a mouth-watering appraisal of the cultural politics and erotics of Nigerian cuisine, it is also a series of love letters to the Nigerian palate. From innovations in soup, fish as aphrodisiac and the powerful seductions of the yam, Longthroat Memoirs examines the complexities, the peculiarities, the meticulousness, and the tactility of Nigerian food.

Kricket: An Indian-inspired cookbook

'Kricket's food is Indian-inspired, but tailored to the tastes of the modern London gastronaut. Modern, fun, meaty cooking with a South Asian accent - I loved it.' - Keith Miller, Telegraph

From the North: A Simple and Modern Approach to Authentic Nordic Cooking

Contemporary Nordic Dishes Inspired by Tradition In From the North, Katrín Björk celebrates the flavors of her childhood with fresh ingredients and unique twists. Her modern techniques make traditional Nordic cooking simple and approachable, no matter how far south your kitchen.

Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well

When a person receives a diagnosis of diabetes, he or she starts a process of adjusting and making sense of the new normal living with a chronic disease. A large part of that adjustment is figuring out how to balance diabetes with all the intricacies of a life outside of diabetes care.

The Nuts Cookbook: 30 Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Recipes That You'll Go Nuts For!

I've been called nuts before, and I am completely proud of that fact! Being nuts is the spice of life! And so is eating nuts! I love the diversity of nuts and have showcased that by incorporating into this cookbook 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, and 1 dessert recipe for each of our 10 featured nuts. While nuts are not low in calories, they are a great source of the 'good fats' that we hear so much about. While most of us are 'watching our weight,' we do need fats in our diet. Nuts have to be my favorite source of fat. We've taken 10 of the world's most popular nuts; almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts, and come up with just 3 amazing dishes for each. These dishes are only that start of an incredible nutty journey that you can go on once the world of nuts has been opened up to you! As an almond fan, you may be interested in Almond Breakfast Sweet Potatoes. If Brazil nuts are your favorite, you'll be dancing the samba with our Spicy Brazil Nut Chocolate Tart. Cashews may be your thing, so why not grab a Cashew Caramel Espresso Smoothie on the go when you're rushing out in the morning? When it's that time of year and chestnuts are abundant, try our hearty Chestnut Roast. If you can hear the world hazelnut and not immediately think of Nutella, I applaud you because I can't! That's why we have included the Best of Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake. For macadamia fans, Macadamia Mud Pies are sure to be a hit. If your favorite nut (or legume, I know!) is the peanut-like me, then you'll be dying to try Thai Peanut Stir Fry. Pecan lovers, why not try a delicious Baked Apple for a winter snack? Those who love pistachios and have a super sweet tooth will not be able to get enough of our Baklava. And if walnuts are your nut of choice, you will not be disappointed by baked Apple & Walnut Cheesecake. So, if the sound of this delicious food is sending you nuts already, let's get to the kitchen and go nuts!

The Natural Baker: A new way to bake using the best natural ingredients

From the author of Clean Cakes - trained patisserie chef Henrietta Inman - this is a beautifully-designed book that will appeal to bakers of all ages. While some of her recipes are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and/or dairy-free, this book focuses on the natural goodness of the ingredients Henrietta chooses and offers a naturally healthier option to most baking books.

The Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets : Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Disorders, Sixth Edition

Now in its sixth edition, The Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets is the established, authoritative book on these groundbreaking epilepsy treatments. Written for parents, patients, dieticians, and neurologists, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone considering or starting a ketogenic diet for epilepsy or another neurologic disorder. Written by doctors, dieticians, and a pediatric nurse practitioner from the Johns Hopkins Hospital's Ketogenic Diet Center, along with several other experts in the field, this book's patient-centered content contains answers to almost any question related to the ketogenic and modified Atkins diets, for children and adults. Chapters cover implementation, recipes, fine-tuning the diets, connecting with support groups, the latest research on the effectiveness of the diets, and much more.

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